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 If you or your company are being victimised with negative online reviews, harassment or online defamation you should seek legal advice. There is a very good chance that we can help you to permanently remove offending web pages.

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"Great team, great people! God bless you all, Thank you!"

"I don't know if you have the real notion of what just happened! You guys have helped me to overtake the most difficult moment of my life! You were the ones on my side when I couldn't find hope anywhere else! I felt I was being understood from day one. You understood the whole situation and you were capable of putting into words all the turmoil that was inside me. Even your patience ,with my almost daily calls asking for updates ,was overwhelming! Great team, great people ! God bless you all, Thank you!"



"Their professionalism, transparency, and results-driven approach have earned them my deepest respect and gratitude

"After months of frustration and feeling voiceless when my social media account was permanently suspended, I turned to Cohen Davis as my last hope. Their team's expertise and relentless dedication turned the tide in my favour. They not only understood the critical importance of my online presence as an entrepreneur and as an individual but acted in swift and decisive way. Thanks to Cohen Davis, my social media account was restored, and my digital lifeblood was secured. Their professionalism, transparency, and results-driven approach have earned them my deepest respect and gratitude. Any entrepreneur facing legal challenges online should have them in their corner."

Charlie Mullins OBE 


"Your team and professional services are excellent"

"Your team and professional services are excellent and I actually really enjoyed my conversation with Yair. I think the only thing you could improve if I was to give any advice! Is that my initial on line chat with one of your team, where I could clearly see them and they me. I would say have a smart jacket or shirt available to put on and take note of what’s behind you. That said , it’s just a kind observation and one I hope you don’t mind me mentioning. I know it might have been because you were busy, so one of the team had to quickly fill in. But hopefully that’s useful feedback for you. I do not expect you to post this last part and you have my full permission to remove that before posting. ”

Mrs S. L

London, England


"I was pleasantly surprised"

“You were always helpful, friendly and direct. The Claimant company ended up dropping the case and apologized. I really liked Mr Cohen's approach based on human principles.Thank you!!!

Lajos Jasinka

"Thank you and your team so very much for giving us our lives back."

“I would like to very deeply thank Yair, Louise and Adam for giving my family, in particular my sons a more stress free normal life. It is a great weight of my shoulders not to have people pre judge me and my family through reading the search results in Google, which created the wrong image about what sort of person I was, and tainted the integrity of my family members. Thank you and your team so very much for giving us our lives back. I will always be grateful for the very professional way the team handled my right to be forgotten case, I cannot express adequately in words the peace of mind and freedom you have given to my family. thank you once again.

Kindest Regards "



"I knew I had come to the right place from day one"

“I would just like to say an absolute massive thank you to you and your team on behalf of myself and my family. I knew I had come to the right place from day one. The service you and your staff have provided has been first class and we will forever be in debt to yourselves.
Seriously we cannot thank you enough! I wish you all the best with everything you do. If I can ever help yourselves in any way in the future no matter what please just ask."
G Rowlands,


"The mental and emotional support Cohen Davis gave us is second to none and is greatly appreciated"

“I instructed Cohen Davis on a very complicated matter of online harassment campaign against myself together with a large group of people. It involved hundreds of internet posts targeting large number of individuals. We needed an harassment injunction to stop the publication of private information about us on the internet.
I am a lawyer myself but deal with a different area of law altogether. One of the main reasons we decided to instruct a firm such as Cohen Davis is that they were the only law firm we found who has an efficient system that is designed to handle large scale online harassment campaigns.
The firm was undeterred by the scale, any difficulties or challenges along their way and their client care was fantastic. You can contact them 24/7.
They gave us all rounded advice on privacy, defamation, harassment and PR as the online harassment campaign against us affected our businesses too.
The firm is definitely highly knowledgeable of internet law here in England and in other countries, they are practical and are totally focused on getting the job done regardless of the many challenges along the way. Yair Cohen is very knowledgeable of anything to do with the internet. He understands both people and computers and how the two interact with one another.
He has a unique ability to explain matters very clearly, even complicated technical issues, which helped us make the right decisions throughout the case.
The firm has delivered excellent outcomes to us and helped us deal with a huge problem that other firms we approached didn’t really understand.
The mental and emotional support Cohen Davis gave us is second to none and I will always remember and appreciate it.
SG and family,


"a big thank you to Yair, yourself and anyone else whom worked on this project "

“I would like to say a big thank you to Yair, yourself and anyone else whom worked on this project for me and my daughter especially. Thank you for obtaining the desired results and reaching full and final settlement with the other party - very much appreciated. I would certainly recommend your services should anyone else find themselves in the same or similar unfortunate circumstances.”



"My future happiness depended on the work of this company and they more than delivered"

"I quite simply can not recommend enough. My future happiness depended on the work of this company and they more than delivered.”

Mr B.G

Nottingham, UK


"It was reassuring that they have the experience and knowledge to help me... especially when I live overseas"

"Cohen Davis group were exceptionally professional and swift with my case. It was reassuring that they have the experience and knowledge to help me with my situation especially when I live overseas. The communications amongst the group were clear and the servicer showed his commitment into serving my offender the necessary papers. I am happy and relieved that my issue was resolved. I am glad to have chosen Cohen Davis as my solicitor and I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again."

Ms J.J

New York, United States 


"The result has been fantastic and the best I could have hoped for"

"What a great service from Cohen Davis. I was very distressed by the situation I found myself in and Cohen Davis have been amazing and put me at ease with their expert specialist knowledge and skills in this area, with a clear action plan formulated and implemented. The result has been fantastic and the best I could have hoped for. I would thoroughly recommend the team at Cohen Davis.”

Dr B. Y

Bradford, England


"in-depth knowledge and capabilities"

“Want to take this moment and thank you to the entire team and to Yair especially for your dedication, attention to detail in preparation, and overall communications with all involved in brining the result we required.

I'm sure I'll be in touch with future online requirements, marketing etc knowing your in-depth knowledge and capabilities now. Thank you again and much appreciated"


"They immediately referred us to Cohen Davis in the UK who successfully removed the review"

“ We have had highly defamatory comments posted against our company and me, the CEO on Glass Door, a USA based website, which is notorious for refusing to remove online reviews. The defamatory post was by an anonymous user who claimed to have worked for our company but we were certain that they never had.

We are a substantial organization and the person who posted the review knew exactly what to write to cause us maximum reputational damage, which would have had serious implications on our ability to push forward with our growth plans. I never appreciated before how damaging and distressing an internet post could be, both personally and for business.

We went straight to Vorys, who is one of the most well-known internet law attorneys in the US. They immediately referred us to Cohen Davis in the UK who successfully removed the review and did so very quickly. Cohen Davis is highly professional, very knowledgeable and clearly well connected with attorneys and operators of major websites in the US. Thank you to Yair, Anna and the rest of the team who really did a fantastic job for us."


"The outcome has been very satisfactory"

"I have been very pleased with the services provided by Cohen Davis. Their team have acted very professionally throughout and were proactive in keeping me updated on progress. The outcome has been very satisfactory, in that all unwanted references to my name across the most popular search engines have been removed. I will recommend their team!”

Mr E.P

Jersey, Channel Islands


"The way the firm dealt with professional work helped minimise fees"

"As the work was sensitive in nature I won’t go into detail, however I was extremely pleased with the results of the work. I was also totally delighted with the process, which included a comprehensive face to face consultation with Yair Cohen (by video link, as we were mid-covid). The team then carried out all necessary work, providing me with timely updates by email. The way the firm dealt with professional work helped minimise fees for me as the client, while ensuring the lead partner was always available as a resource. I will certainly recommend the team at Cohen Davis.”

Mr L.N.C

London, England


"I recommend!"

"The service from Cohen Davis was value for money and I would like to recommend the firm as everyone at Cohen Davis Solicitors have been wonderful throughout the whole process, communicating regularly and being committed to me and my case”

Mr N. R

Liverpool, England


"Very friendly and patient"

"Cohen Davis Solicitors were very friendly and patient as I explained my situation. They presented me with a few options and guided me to the best approach for my case. While I did not get the desired result, this does not reflect on the service they provided. I would highly recommend their service.”

Mr V. K

Leeds, England


"impeccable professionalism and genuine concern in all matters to do with my case"

“I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service your firm has provided and the efficiency in dealing with my legal defamation case, with your first class precision in communicative skills. Always keeping me up to date with ongoing action of the case. I would recommend your firm to anyone in grave need of your services impeccable professionalism and genuine concern in all matters to do with my case."

Noel Sorbye,



"Have used twice and will use again. "

“Excellent, professional service delivered within a tight timeline. Have used twice and will use again."




"great support throughout the case"

“Yair, Thank you very much for all your hard work and support during that difficult time and we really wish you every success. Also many thanks to our lovely Ruzina who was a great support throughout the case.
Samraa A 


"guidance is beyond the value of any fees paid"

“Thank you for everything you have done so far, your assistance and guidance is far beyond the value of any fees paid."
Cristopher H


"Perfect advice, perfect business relationship"

“The advice was comprehensive and of very high quality. Furthermore the whole process was very structured and all questions were answered in one go. Perfect advice, perfect business relationship. I can definitely recommend this service."

Reinhold Weik,


"advice is always extremely helpful, useful and of course, professional."

"Twice now I have had defamatory comments made about me and my very small company. I had a very satisfactory consultation with Mr Cohen today. His advice is always extremely helpful, useful and of course, professional.

It just goes to show you that you do not have to be a multinational company in order to get the best legal advice. I cannot praise Mr Cohen highly enough. I would urge small businesses and self-employed individuals not to be afraid to contact Cohen Davis Solicitors should they have need for solid legal advice."

James S


"I was retaining their services all the way from the USA"

“I was directed to the Cohen Davis Team from another defamation lawyer in the USA who stated that he had seen a presentation by this group and felt that they had the know-how to deal with the particulars of my situation. Taking their advice, I contacted Cohen Davis. From moment one, the lawyers and their staff were courteous and attentive. I felt heard and understood every step of the way. They stayed in contact every step of the way and guided me with care. This was incredible considering that I was retaining their services all the way from the USA and we had a huge time zone gap to deal with. I hope never to need their services again but I would recommend them without hesitation."
E Perez,
New York, USA


"3 other specialist firms believed that they could not get the content removed"

"“Excellent customer service provided throughout. A great, hardworking, dynamic, effective and proactive team. All steps were communicated and completed clearly and effectively. Work was initiated promptly and tasks performed promptly. The online content was affecting my reputation, relationships, mental health and self-esteem massively. Three other specialist firms believed that they could not get the content removed.

The first firm took over 90 days and failed to get the content removed at a cost of $10,000. The second said it was a “peashoot in the wind” to get it removed. The third said that there was a 40% chance of removal. Cohen Davis had the defamatory content removed within a month of starting work. I had given up hope and I was blown away by this.

They use an effective task allocation and messaging service called Team Work so that you can see allocated job roles and progress in real time. They went above and beyond to get the offending content removed. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone needing content which is affecting their work or personal life removed. Special mention to Reena and Deasharne for your hard work. Thank you so much.”


Kent, England


"they act swiftly and efficiently"

"We are very happy to have chosen Cohen Davis Solicitors to deal with defamatory articles about our family that appeared in the tabloids. The lawyers at Cohen Davis Solicitors are very professional, they act swiftly and efficiently. We are very satisfied with the outcome, and recommend Cohen Davis Solicitors wholeheartedly."


Warwickshire, England


"My mind was totally at rest when I emerged from Yair's office"

"I received advice from Yair Cohen about a matter involving a very devious person who was giving me a lot of stress.

Yair very swiftly and incisively identified the key issues involved, showed me what I needed to do to defend myself, and in less than an hour I had the exact tools I needed to deal with the matter.

The end result was that after a year of headaches my matter was resolved. My mind was totally at rest when I emerged from Yair's office because I knew I had received great advice from a thorough professional."

A Wickham

"...extremely satisfied"

“We have used Cohen Davis to sort out defamation problems for our clients. They have achieved the desired results and our clients have been extremely satisfied. I would not hesitate in recommending Cohen Davis to anyone who is experiencing these problems.”

Robert Green 

Green and Peter Accountants

"Experts and honest"

“...Refreshingly (for a Lawyer!) Yair Cohen advised me not to hire him in this instance as it would not be a good investment of time and money. What does that say about him”.

A Client

"They actually genuinely care about the outcome"

Andrew Richardson"More or less out of the blue, my livelihood was threatened from a very unexpected source. It was actually more than that as it was personal too - I felt I had been betrayed by people I believed I could trust.

I was also worried about how much it would cost me to repair the damage! I phoned the firm and arranged for a telephone consultation with Yair Cohen who responded immediately to my concerns and took matters in hand that day.

After the consultation and the way Yair immediately set up working strategies I was filled with motivation and relief. They actually understood what was going on both technically and legally.

Eventually they drafted a critical letter which was brilliant and did the trick. Throughout my case, members of the firm were always available until I felt able to manage matters on my own, which hasn’t stopped them taking my calls or perusing some of my letters.

I would have thought that once the bill was paid, that would be it, but it is not like that at all, they actually genuinely care about the outcome and were genuinely happy to help me.

I have nothing but praise for the service I received and I have already referred a number of friends and colleagues to the Firm"

Andrew Richardson

FeelBetter Counseling


"I can only say how grateful I am that I stumbled across this Firm..."

“Having met Mr Cohen I can only say how grateful I am that I stumbled across this Firm. He was so generous with his time, so approachable, open and I admire the honesty and integrity that he radiates. It obviously is filtered throughout the Company because you all have also been wonderful. Thank you for your help.".

M Lewis

"from start to finish very refreshing. Friendly ,efficient, professional and very informative"

“Having contacted various solicitors in the last few weeks I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I found the whole experience from start to finish very refreshing. Friendly ,efficient, professional and very informative. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cohen Davis to others."
Donna Moss,


"good quality advice which allowed me to avoid unnecessary risks and stresses."

“I opted to use this service as it was online and offered the flexibility I require. I was unsure what service I would receive given the initial facelessness of the Company. However, it soon became apparent that it was a professional service offering good quality advice and understanding which allowed me to better appraise my situation and avoid unnecessary risks and stresses. I will be happy to recommend the services of Cohen Davis solicitors."
Rob Parker,


"The solicitor was non judgmental and soon after I appointed Cohen Davis to act for me they swiftly had the material removed at source"

After discovering a series of defamatory videos and photos of me were uploaded by a semi anonymous third party across various social media platforms, I experienced multiple issues.

The presence of the videos lead to me losing two jobs and put my whole career and reputation in jeopardy. My personal life was also subject to discrimination which caused a great deal of stress to me and my family.

It was clear I needed to do something about the online material and for a professional person to review my situation. I searched the web for solicitors which could help in the field. Cohen Davis stood out from my searches and so I contacted them, where upon initial consultation with a solicitor I was able to speak about the issues.

The solicitor was non judgmental and soon after I appointed Cohen Davis to act for me they swiftly had the material removed at source, which consequently delisted it from all search engines.

I’m happy with the result and the efficient and effective performance of the team throughout.

I want to thank Cohen Davis for their efforts as their expertise in the field was unparalleled and now I can move on with life.



"I was delighted to work with Sara on my project"

"I was delighted to work with Sara on my project. Sara demonstrated a unique professionalism and attention to detail. She also was able to differentiate between what information she needed and what was appropriate to present to Google. Extremely professional and personable I was particularly impressed with her responsiveness and timely action on my behalf.

She is exceptional in her client centricity placing my issue in the foreground of any conversation together with an effective use of empathy and understanding which provided me with confidence and reassurance. I would thoroughly recommend Sara and your organisation."

Keith Jones




"I do now appreciate that this exercise requires considerable expertise and am totally pleased with my choice of Cohen Davis Solicitors."

"I am absolutely delighted about the outcome of my right to be forgotten application. Congratulations on your great work.
I do now appreciate that this exercise requires considerable expertise and am totally pleased with my choice of Cohen Davis Solicitors.
Please convey my gratitude to all concerned and do keep a watchful eye on relevant search results for as long as necessary.
All the very best,"  

Paul A


"getting the right results"

“Yair Cohen, our solicitor is a very bright, determined person who is committed to getting the right results - and will move heaven and earth to do so. He's exactly the sort of lawyer you hope you will find, but rarely do.”

A Client

"...a safe pair of hands to be in during difficult times"

"As a happy client I would like to offer this recommendation for your website. I have found your fantastic team of internet lawyers incredibly helpful, robust and hugely knowledgeable.

You are certainly a safe pair of hands to be in during difficult times.”

David Baum

"Cohen Davis gave me back my life"

"Yair Cohen and Cohen Davis acted on my behalf after I had been subjected to a 13 year campaign of online and offline harassment that started in 2005 and would be continuing today, had I not called Cohen Davis and spoken with Yair in late 2015. (The perpetrator continued during the litigation, so it was 13 years in total). It ended at the High Court of Justice in July 2018. I had met the perpetrator online and went on four dates with him and realised that we were not right for each other and subsequently ended it. Then, the harassment began and it involved him creating at least 15 malicious websites about me, bearing my name as domain names in every permutation. They were full of untruths, with sexual connotations and indicated that I was a person of low values and these sites were escalating by the year. The perpetrator continually maintained and updated these websites to reflect my life, like getting married and having a baby. He impersonated me on Twitter and created Google banner advertisements about me that appeared at the top of Google, with my photograph and name with derogatory comments. There was so much more.

It is important to note also, that I was not on Facebook or any other Social Media site (until he impersonated me on them) and so, I hadn't any information about me online that he could access, so his research was extensive in tracking down family and friends and writing to them too. This was only half of what he inflicted on me because he harassed me offline, too. He hijacked my life, my career, my feelings of safety (for my family and friends, too) and my voice. For all of that time, the police, solicitors, MPs, Google, domain registry sites, private investigators....anyone...told me that they could not help me (nor had any suggestions what to do) because he lived and changed addresses overseas and until he physically harmed me, there was nothing that could be done. I was desperate and fearful and searched online over and over throughout the years, seeking help and then through typing 'Best Internet Lawyer' or something similar into Google (because at that point, I knew that I needed the best to stand any chance of getting him to stop), I found Yair. 

The moment that I spoke with Yair, I felt relief. I didn't have to explain, as I had done in so many years to blank faces and confused voices at the other end of the phone. When everyone else had been saying, 'What do you want me to do?', Yair told me what he could do - he is so approachable, honest, compassionate and I knew that he really cared. Just by having a conversation with him, I knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel and I finally felt that there was help out there!.

Subsequently, along with the indelible assistance of the barrister Gabor Bognar, who acted under the Pro Bono Unit and also Gervase de Wilde, Cohen Davis were able to help (on a no win no fee basis). Suddenly, I had this amazing legal team and it felt incredulous. 

I think that is important to say that not only does Yair understand the internet, as well as the law, (Cohen Davis are entirely dedicated to internet law), he also stand outs because of his integrity and that is permeated throughout the company. They kept me informed of everything and were so open and honest and I wasn't ever left wondering what was happening, quashing all apprehensions, during the litigation. I could access my file at any time of the day and night too, due to their brilliant, unique online teamwork program. It took 18 months to bring it all to an end. It could all have gone very differently and I feel incredibly blessed.

It was a challenging and complex case and the perpetrator lived overseas and when he was traced, he denied it was him (despite the evidence). It wasn't just a case of getting him to accept responsibility though because he and his solicitors really tried to find holes in my case throughout the process. They used intimidation (and this felt like a continuation of the harassment) and said the offences were too old but they were current because he was continually maintaining the websites, despite some of them having been created over a decade ago. They then admitted it because of the huge amount of evidence that we had (112 exhibits, if I can remember correctly), but said that it wasn't exactly a criminal offence. There were all sorts of arguments that their lawyers tried to put forward on their clients’ behalf but Cohen Davis were so reassuring.

I cannot imagine what would have happened had my case not been put together properly. I had this one chance, after feeling isolated and harassed for over 13 years and the other side were doing their absolute best to bully me into submission and had I not had Cohen Davis acting on my behalf, I really don't know what the outcome would have been. I wouldn't have been as fortified without my legal team and along the way, I felt reassured and supported - I knew that I had the best team on my side. That is why, if anyone is going through online harassment, I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend them going to Cohen Davis.

I can truly say that I have a perpertual gratitude to all of my legal team. My perpetrator had no intention to stop his escalating campaign of harassment against me.  

Cohen Davis gave me back my life, my feelings of safety, my career and my voice - and I am not saying that lightly! Thank you".

Lindsey Goldrick Dean


"Knowledgeable, responsive and extremely helpful"

"Sara, Richard, Paul and Eva were a fantastic team. Knowledgeable, responsive and extremely helpful in resolving my issue. I will refer their firm to anyone that may have a similar issue. They were amazing."


New York, United States


"Your advice in our consultation has been brilliant"

"Many thanks for keeping the matter open and it really is appreciated. Your advice in our consultation has been brilliant and it definitely helped frame the seriousness of the situation for the police. If the police’s visit does not have the desired effect, we will be looking to proceed with the letter and will be back in touch"


Surrey, England


"...always delivers significantly above average with outstanding results...”

"Yair's approach to business is truly unique and refreshing.

His dedication to business ensures that he always delivers significantly above average with outstanding results.”

Marc Gold

I-Point Research

"I would certainly recommend Mr Cohen without hesitation"

“The initial consultation went very well with Mr Cohen and was very informative for which I thank him for that so much. There was an issue regarding the legal side to my case that has made it necessary to seek a legal solution Ireland, however thanks to Mr Cohen's brilliant advice I knew the best way to proceed with that. The case has now been taken on for a defamation action in the high court with a firm who were prepared to do it on a no win no fee basis. I would certainly recommend Mr Cohen without hesitation and please do convey my thanks to him for his very useful advice. You are all a part of a brilliant team and I can see how each of you plays your role to make the client feel protected, heard and justified in their course of action. Thank you again from a very satisfied client."

Caroline Goldsmith,


"Mr Cohen listened carefully."

“I had a consultation with Mr Cohen who was clearly knowledgeable in his field and listened carefully to the details I gave him, asking relevant questions to build a full picture of the timeline and situation. We managed to resolve the situation by following his advice in the consultation so it was definitely good value for money."




"I followed your advice and it worked!"

“Thank you Ruzina, I followed the advice given about what to say to my internet trolls and it worked! My Facebook page is growing quite fast, i’m sure I will come across trolls again at some point, and you will be my first point of contact!
Thank you",


"I am really pleased with your advise"

“Thank you very much for you help, your consultation and advice letter.
With your advise I was able to write to the individual who was defaming us and he has since removed the review, he's also removed all his other ones offending other companies.
I am really please with your advise and my colleagues in Holland and Germany are hugely impressed and now also know now where to turn for help.
If this happens again you will be my first call.
Thank you again."

Tuin UK


"Polite, helpful and a pleasure to speak to..."

“The service and advice given was of good quality. Unfortunately the subject I was seeking advice on was very niche and a relatively new phenomenon so not all of the advice was relevant. Some of my questions were answered and to a good standard. Yair was polite, helpful and a pleasure to speak to".

L Glen


"Excellent service"

“Thank you Yair for an excellent service. Your attention to detail and approachable staff are an asset to your law firm and made my dealings with you run smoothly.”

Elliot Crego


"More than I bargained for..."

“I have had a good consultation with Cohen Davis solicitors. I was pleasantly surprised with the service. I felt that the quality of the advice I was given was more than I bargained for and I am very happy to recommend this firm."

A Heaton

"...we value your straight talk..."

"You have been acting as our attorneys in the UK for over 10 years. We value your straight talk, your honesty and your knowledgeable advice. We are looking forward to continue working with in the years to come.


FoodTools UK

"Innovative Approach Most Refreshing"

“Yair is an impressive individual who really understands the needs of his clients. His innovative approach is most refreshing and much needed”

Malcolm Sackman Accountants 

Sackman & Co


"...massive help"

“I just want to say thank you to you and Mr Cohen for all you have done. I truly appreciate it and it's been a massive help through such a stressful time.”

TS Pubic Service

"...fantastic service"

LHS Cohen Davis testimonial“Once again many thanks for all your help and support All of you provide a fantastic service! not sure what we would have done without you all!!! ”

Pierra and Andy LHS


" in the field"

“Yair is an expert in the field of cyber law and offered me advice I was unable to get elsewhere. He is very high on expertise and integrity. If you are having issues with illegal activity online, I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Monique Zahavi 

"Thank you for making our job easy!"

"We have searched forever for solutions to our internet law problem. We spoke to lawyers, Search Engine Optimisation specialists and a good few young techies and we felt neither of these good people had really understood the deepest implications of the problem on the long term plans we have had for our business.

Luckily for us Yair and Internet Law Experts' extraordinary knowledge and understanding of this field had helped us get through the difficult times and the solutions provided went far beyond what anyone else had suggested. The solutions are different and are clearly focused and they showed high degree of business acumen and a much desired foresight.

We have been customers of Yair Cohen for a number of years now and needless to say we are highly pleased with the service. It is the easiest and most convenient relationship we have ever had with a solicitor firm.

The service is impeccable, and the staff are very knowledgeable. Thank you for making our job easy!"

Ivan Kovler

A1 Taxis of London.

"...understanding the issue straight away...”

"Professional and understanding the issue straight away. Very good service.”

I. Khan


"Thank you Yair... Not only for saving me money but also for being so nice and helpful! "

Thank you Yair... Not only for saving me much needed money but also for being so nice and helpful! I will be in regarding Terms & Conditions as soon as my site is ready. Regards Carla


"... in-depth knowledge about social media...”

“"Yair has more in-depth knowledge about social media, defamation, and SEO than any attorney I have ever spoken to. He has been cited in Forbes magazine, among many other publications, for his groundbreaking work in the field of internet defamation.

In addition, he has spent years studying internet, social media, and search engine behaviour, recognising it to be a crucial part of the business and legal world long before others started to realise it. In addition to being a brilliant lawyer, Yair is a compassionate human being and a great listener. If you need help with social media or internet defamation, he is absolutely the best person to call.”

Teresa Meek, Atlanta, USA


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