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How to become a successful influencer

How to become a successful influencer

There are different types of social media influencers. Each influencer is unique with they have become an influencer and with their plans to move forward and progress their business. Our social media lawyers are vested with the work of social media influencers and as such, offer a unique way of interaction, providing legal support and helping influencers to carry on doing what they do best free from worries about the legal stuff.

What are the different types of influencers

Legal support for influencers

What are the different types of influencers

There are different types, or categories of social media influencers. There are those whose personality is the brand, there are those who completely separate their personality from the brand or the brands that they create, and there are those who acquire existing brands who already enjoy a minimum number of followers.

Personality brand influencers

Personality brand influencers are influencers whose brand is almost entirely relying on their own personality. The followers follow their brand, mostly because they fell in love with the personality behind the brand and the content the influencer delivers.

In personality brand influencer, the individual and the brand are almost inseparable and therefore are very unique. In many cases it is it would be impossible for someone else to come along and replicate the influencers’ brand, because it is fairly hard to replicate someone’s own personality.

Influencers who are detached from their brand

Influencers who are detached from their brand are often able to create separate a number of independent brands, which are not linked to their own personality. This influencer will segment the target audience by identifying a specific interest for each segmented group. The influencer will then create new social media accounts which target each of the newly segmented group of social media users. In theory, the influencer can create an unlimited number of unique brands and deliver unique content to each group of audience.

This business model is highly replicable because it allows the influencer to segment existing followers into sub-categories and then create a unique brand for each category. As the influencer already has followers, a certain percentage of the existing followers will also join the new category or social media account and will also bring with them new followers to the newly created brand. Often, influencers who are detached from their brand, would prefer to keep away from the limelight and their followers might never know who they really are.

Influencers who buy into existing influencers’ social media account

Some influencers, who want to expand their business, simply buy, or invest into other, already created influencers’ brands. Over time, the influencer will hold numerous social media accounts, as an investment or to operate them as a centralised business.

Legal support for influencers

Each category of influencers has its own unique legal needs and plans of expansion. Each is exposed to different legal and business risks but also to unique operational benefits.

Our legal team offers unique legal advice and mentoring support for influences. We help influencers operate as a business and in some cases, we offer a one to one mentoring support and a part share involvement with the business.

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