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Every situation is different so by far the best way to find out how to respond to a social media legal issue is to speak to those who are most likely to have dealt with a situation similar to yours.
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If you are looking for a US internet lawyer or an internet law attorney to help you obtain a court order, a disclosure order, a subpoena or an injunction against a USA based website, then we fully sympathise with your natural worries and concerns. We know that for most individuals who, like yourself, have had little dealings with lawyers, finding and actually instructing a new lawyer, particularly in a relatively unfamiliar area of law and in another country, is nerve-racking and even frightening.

It’s not only the costs we are worried about for you, it is the quality of the work that you must not risk. Internet law is now the fastest growing area of law in the USA, which means a growing number of attorneys are jumping on the internet law bandwagon, making a risky, treacherous and a highly-complicated branch of the law very dangerous to their unsuspecting clients.

The damage that a well intending yet naïve US (or UK) attorney may cause your internet law case and to you personally, by misapplying the law or by misinterpreting a particular situation or by responding or initiating communication or proceedings inappropriately, is often irreversible. This is precisely the most common cause of the Streisand Effect, which is an unintended consequence of publicising more widely the very same information you are trying to remove from the internet.

If you are looking for a US internet law attorney, then stop searching now and start relaxing because you have finally arrived at a place of safety. Our lawyers either know personally or have experience in dealing with or have referred clients to the very best and the most established US internet law attorneys and in almost every State in the US. We carry out work for their US clients here in the UK and they look after our UK based clients who seek internet law legal advice in the US.

They get us subpoenas and disclosure orders from nearly every local court in the US and we do the same for them here, in England. We speak to our US internet law attorneys almost every day and we meet each one of them at least one or twice a year. If we don’t know a local US attorney in a particular US town, then we know someone who will recommend us one. We want our clients to be safe, to feel safe and most importantly to be in safe hands, here in the UK but also in the US because the internet is borderless and because we care.

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