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Legal advice for influencers

Legal advice for influencers

Legal advice for social media influencers 

As the very first internet law specialist lawyers in the UK, we have grown and developed together with social media and have a unique understanding of how the internet really works from the back stage. From the very early days of influencers appearing on the internet we have been providing legal advice for influencers on a variety of issues, uniquely relevant to them.

At what point in their career should influencers take legal advice

Legal advice on commercial agreements between influencers and brands

Legal advice to protect influencers intellectual property rights

Legal advice on merger and acquisition of social media accounts

Why so many influencers choose Cohen Davis as their lawyers

At what point in their career should influencers take legal advice

Becoming an influencer is often a career, people hadn’t deliberately chosen to pursue. Many of those who become influencers, are following their pursuit of a hobby or a passion and this pursuit, over time becomes a full-time job, or in some cases, an entrepreneurship enterprise. In recent years, there are more influencers who set themselves out to become influencers.

They follow a marketing process which involves the setting themselves out as influencers from day one. Those who became an unintended influencer often seek legal advice at a much later stage later and only where they feel that there is a pressing legal issue for them to resolve.

At the same time, other influencers come to speak to us at a much earlier stage where they seek legal advice specific to legal issues concerning influencers but also general commercial advice, which would ensure that they are set to go in the most efficient and profitable way, which is right for them, for potential sponsors and advertisers and for their social media followers. In our experience, there huge value for influencers and for aspiring in taking legal advice as early as possible and before there are urgent legal issues to handle or resolve. Building up a relationship between the influencer and their legal advisor could pay off massively in the long term.

Legal advice on commercial agreements between influencers and brands

At the heart of a self-efficient, successful and profitable influencer are the commercial relationships between the influencer and various brands. In some cases, those relationships begin informally, or through a third party but a successful influencer will very rapidly want to see their relationships with the brand developing and being formalised.

Having formal commercial relationships between the influencer and the brands, helps secure the arrangement, ensure that the influencer is being farilyu remunerated and helps to being on board other brands. Our expert lawyers give specialist legal advice and help draft and formalise sponsorship agreements between influencers and the sponsoring brands.

Legal advice to protect influencers intellectual property rights

In too many cases, influencers pay too little attention to intellectual property rights. An influencer’s intellectual property rights often include a trading name, or a name which the influencer is know by on social media, the influencer’s real name, phrases and concepts that the influencer has created and other unique features to the influencer, which may need to be protected in order to avoid being copied, misused or stolen by others.

At the heart of an influencer’s strategy, we recommend to have a web of intellectual property rights, which includes not just concepts, names and ideas that are currently used by the influencer, but also ones that the influencer is intending to use in the future as well as registration of trademarks that are simply intended to prevent others from using particular words and phrases to promote themselves.

Legal advice on merger and acquisition of social media accounts

Influencers who develop a vibrant and growing business might wish, at one point, like any other business owner, to buy other influencers’ accounts, to merge their business with another or to sell out. Some influencers create a number of brands, which they hold under a one company and which they operate as separate social media accounts.

Those kind of influencers constantly develop new niches of interest which they then promote to a segmented section of social media users. It is not uncommon for influencers of this kind to become attractive for larger media or social media outlet who may wish to buy them or to merge with them in order to create a larger operation under a single point of management.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing legal advice to influencers on helping to buy, merge and acquire influencers’ businesses. We have worked on the mergers of some of the largest influencers’ businesses in the world and we can move fast to help create a legal merger between two or more influences’ businesses.

Why so many influencers choose Cohen Davis as their lawyers

Our lawyers have been providing internet law related legal advice longer than anyone else in the UK. Being a niche law firm, we understand how the internet works, including in particular online marketing, social media and different social media platforms.

As a niche law firm, our charges are far lower than what you might be asked to pay with some of the larger law firms. We tend to do things faster and with a greater degree of accuracy, often at a fraction of the cost that you might be expecting to pay elsewhere.

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