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Delete fake Facebook Page

A Fake Facebook Page is likely to cause companies substantial headache.

First, Fake Facebook Pages usually are created by disgruntled customers who go on a campaign with a single purpose of ruining the company’s reputation. They would often publish the Fake Facebook Page to make it look as a legitimate consumer Page, inviting other Facebook users to post about their own experience with the organisation.

Getting Facebook to delete or remove a Fake Facebook Page is often challenging and could be time consuming. Facebook is difficult for most people to get hold of which means the suffering business may find itself having to spend weeks and even months before either having the Fake Facebook Page deleted or having to give up.

There are various methods to persuade Facebook to delete a Fake Facebook Page, particularly if the business affected is located in the UK. Our team has held dozens of UK businesses, large and small, to have fake Facebook Pages deleted from the internet. Feel free to explore this topic here or if the matter is urgent for you to resolve, call us free today. Speak with an expert lawyer who will for sure know how to go about resolving the matter to ensure the fake Facebook Page about your company is deleted by Facebook without further delay. 

Advice on how to delete a fake business Facebook Page.
  • Jurisdiction: United States Deleted fake Facebook Page

    Pages removed from: Facebook

    Date of removal: 06 January 2018.

    Number of Facebook Pages deleted: 1

    Additional information: Our client was a politician who had a fake Facebook Page created to his name. The fake Facebook Page was visually similar to the Facebook Page of our client and included images of our client. Whoever created the similar fake Facebook Page

  • Location: United State, California.

    Pages removed from: Facebook.

    Date of removal: 1 May 2014.

    Number of web pages removed: 1.

    Additional information: Our defamation solicitors removed 1 defamatory Facebook Page together with history and referring links from various Facebook accounts on behalf of our client, who works in the entertainment industry and who suffered for many months from defamation on Facebook. 

  • Location: United State, California.

    Pages removed from: Facebook.

    Date of removal: 12 May 2014.

    Number of web pages removed: 1.

    Additional information: 1 Facebook Page deleted + history and referring links. Facebook Page deleted on grounds of allleged breaches of trademark.

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