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Data protection

Data protection

Our expert data protection lawyers advise online businesses and start-ups about all areas of data protection, privacy law, information governance and freedom of information. We carry out onsite and online data protection audits and ensure that our clients are safe and protected.

GDPR Compliance

Data protection audit

Data sharing

Direct marketing

ICO breach notice

GDPR Compliance

Getting the balance right between GDPR compliance and your business model and ideas could be made easier when GDPR compliance is looked at from a business perspective, which aims to integrate GDPR compliance with our clients’ business needs instead of being a hindrance.

Often, working on a fixed fee budget our expert team of data protection lawyers assists with all aspects of GDPR compliance matters including auditing compliance, reviewing and drafting systems and processes, ensuring compliance with cross-border data flows, and with the integration of overseas clients, suppliers, goods and services.

Data protection audit

Compliance with data protection laws often involves the carrying out of a risk assessment that will eventually determine to what extent your organisation needs to go to, in order to be compliant with data protection laws, whilst operating a successful and profitable business. Whilst we assist clients by identifying data protection risks, we also provide creative solutions to make mitigate risk as much as possible.

We approach data protection compliance and GDPR processes from a business angle which means that whilst we carry out data protection compliance audits, we deliver practical and resourceful solutions that make business sense and which would often allow for fast and friendly implementation. Often our data protection audits unravel process issues and failures that regardless of GDPR compliance, would place the business and its finances at significant risk.

During past GDPR competence audits, we have discovered unexpected financial irregularities and even processes that had deliberately been placed to cause harm and embarrassment to the business.

Data sharing

We have extensive experience in advising businesses on processes concerning data sharing arrangements, and in particular on cross border data sharing. Many of our clients who are based in the US and the UK require drafting and negotiating data processing agreements and contract variations to ensure GDPR compliance.

Our data protection lawyers assist our clients in drafting and reviewing privacy notices and other data protection compliance documents. Once they draft your organisation's data protection and privacy notices and compliance documents, they will update them as required to keep the organisation constantly up to date with all the latest requirements of privacy notices and data protection compliance documents.

Whilst drafting privacy notices, our lawyers ensure that they are consistent with other legal documents such as terms and conditions, website user guides, legal notices and so on.

Direct marketing

Because we specialise in internet law, our lawyers have been advising clients for over 25 years on matters concerning direct marketing and advertising. Whilst few of our clients still require advice on direct mail, the majority of our clients receive regular advice and updates on UK and US rules on sending emails, email marketing, email marketing, and GDPR compliance, cross border email marketing and email marketing flows.

ICO breach notice

If you have received a breach notice from the ICO, you should speak to us as soon as possible. Our data protection lawyers have extensive experience in handling breach notices by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). We advise clients on understanding the breach notices, and provide ongoing legal advice and support on how to respond to ICO breach notices and, if applicable, how to minimise reputational and financial damage to the organisation.


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Help in restoring your suspended or hacked Facebook and Instagram accounts

Reclaiming control over a suspended or hacked Facebook and Instagram account can be an uphill battle, as exemplified by our client's case, which mirrors the challenges encountered by countless individuals grappling with similar situations, highlighting the need for proactive strategies and legal expertise in navigating the complexities of account recovery.

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