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Privacy injunction solicitor

Privacy injunction

How to obtain a privacy injunction.

If you need to obtain a privacy injunction quickly, we will certainly be able to help. Cohen Davis solicitors regularly obtain privacy injunctions in cases and circumstances where a privacy injunction has never been granted before. We have acted in a number of landmark cases as solicitors for the claimant where our clients obtained privacy injunctions which aimed to protect them and members of their family from unwanted publicity. Many of these privacy injunctions relate to publications on the internet and often they are granted together with an anonymity order to protect the identity of our client.

  • Blackmailed for sex case study

    Blackmailed for sex case study

    Being a victim of sexual blackmail

    In this case study, we discuss the situation of our client Joanna, (not her real name) a married accountant with two teenage children who found herself being blackmailed for sex by an ex-lover, Ian (not his real name). Joanna approached our law firm seeking help, and within just three days, we were able to successfully resolve the matter and free her from her blackmailer.

  • Blackmail injunctions

    Blackmail injunctions

    Same-day emergency blackmail injunctions

    In recent years, there has been a growing trend of sex-related blackmail, mostly, but not only, of men who try to meet a companion online. This disturbing practice involves the use of sexually explicit material or of information of private nature, often obtained through consensual relationships, to extort money or other favours from the victim.

    Table of content

    Blackmail of a

  • Understanding and preventing dating blackmail: A legal Guide

    Understanding and preventing dating blackmail

    Blackmail Helpline UK

    Online dating has revolutionised the way people find love, companionship and more. But as with any online platform, it's not without its risks. One of the most significant threats associated with online dating is "dating blackmail", a form of emotional and financial exploitation. Often this is referred to as "sextortion". This article aims to shed light on how dating blackmail works, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you find

  • Dating blackmail

    Dating blackmail

    Staying safe in the world of online dating: how to avoid becoming a blackmail victim

    Dating blackmail has been generating a source of income for an increasing number of scammers for many years. We have first started to see a sharp increase in dating blackmail cases during COVID where many sex workers found themselves strapped for cash. Since then, the number of reported dating blackmail cases has remained stable.

  • Is blackmail illegal in the UK

    Is blackmail illegal in the UK

    An Overview of Blackmail Law in the UK

    Is blackmail illegal in the UK? Yes. Blackmail is illegal in the UK. The internet and social media have created new avenues for malicious individuals to blackmail and harass others. Creating blogs, websites, and using social media platforms to blackmail someone involves exploiting these channels to threaten or coerce the target into complying with the blackmailer's demands.

  • Emergency injunctions

    Emergency injunctions

    Emergency injunctions

    An emergency injunction is a legal order that can be issued by a court in order to protect someone from imminent harm. This type of injunction is typically used in cases of blackmail, harassment and breach of privacy where there is a clear and present danger to the victim.

  • "The mental and emotional support Cohen Davis gave us is second to none and is greatly appreciated"

    “I instructed Cohen Davis on a very complicated matter of online harassment campaign against myself together with a large group of people. It involved hundreds of internet posts targeting large number of individuals. We needed an harassment injunction to stop the publication of private information about us on the
  • The case of XLD v KZL

    Blackmail injunction case

    Blackmail injunction case

  • Footballer blackmail legal advice

    Footballer blackmail legal advice

    What to do if you are a famous footballer and are being blackmailed

  • Blackmailer trying to ruin my marriage

    Blackmailer trying to ruin my marriage

    Harassment by blackmail case study

  • The case of GYH v Persons Unknown

    Privacy injunction

    An injunction for breach of privacy of a transgender sex worker

  • Privacy injunction to remove a porn video

    Privacy injunction to remove a porn video

    Can you remove porn videos featuring yourself from the internet

  • The case of DDF v YYZ

    Social media injunction
  • Harassment injunctions

    Harassment injunctions legal advice
  • Is catfishing illegal

    Is catfishing illegal

    Catfishing and the law

  • The case of Rada-Ortiz v Espinosa-Vadillo

    Online harassment by employee

    Online harassment by a former employee

  • What should you do if someone threatens to upload your intimate pictures to the internet?

    What should you do if someone threatens to upload your intimate pictures to the internet

    Someone is going to post intimate videos of me online, what can I do

    The digital age has brought unprecedented conveniences but also new threats. One such menace is the illicit distribution of intimate images or 'revenge porn'. When faced with such a threat, you may feel an array of emotions from embarrassment to fear. Let's break down how to navigate this situation step by step.

  • Understanding online blackmail

  • Privacy law

    Privacy law

    Breach of privacy legal advice

    Falling victim to a breach of privacy isn't something that only happens to celebrities and people in the public eye. Breach of privacy under privacy law, happens to normal people, who use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Types of breach of privacy claims

    The legal basis for a breach of privacy claim


  • Injunction for breach of privacy

    Injunction for breach of privacy

    Can you get an injunction for breach of privacy

    Yes. You can get an injunction for breach of privacy fairly quickly and even without a trial.

  • Right to be forgotten post Brexit

    Right to be forgotten after Brexit

    What is the impact of Brexit on the right to be forgotten

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