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Footballer blackmail legal advice

Footballer blackmail legal advice

What to do if you are a famous footballer and are being blackmailed

England footballers are susceptible to blackmail when they have an extramarital affair or after having sex with s transexual or gay escort.

Table of content

Why are footballers susceptible to blackmail and extortion

Why so many Premier League footballers have extramarital affairs

Footballer blackmail, what should they do

Should a footballer who is being blackmailed go to the police

Can you end blackmail without any publicity

How much does a blackmail injunction cost

Would anyone find out about the blackmail injunction

Why are footballers susceptible to blackmail and extortion

Despite what people might think, many successful English footballers live under tremendous pressure. Often, they have found fame and lucrative contracts at a young age which is an overwhelming experience that most people are not yet ready for. From a relatively young age, they live under the spotlight of an army of the press who are interested in nearly every aspect of their lives. Many Premier League footballers have few true friends and fewer trusted advisors they can rely on.

They are often told that family life would provide them with the personal support and the stability they need to continue and succeed with their football career, which means, many get married fairly at a relatively early age. Family and relationship pressures in a Premier League footballer’s home are the same as in anybody else’s but because of the various unusual demands that footballers who play at this level are facing, difficulties and challenges in their lives are often more difficult to resolve and overcome.

Why so many Premier League footballers have extramarital affairs

We have not seen research that shows that Premier League footballers have more extramarital affairs than other men. However, conversations that we have had with our clients, suggest that for some footballers, an extramarital affair or a meeting with an escort, often has got very little to do with sex and more to do with the need to escape from some of life’s demands.

The work environment of a Professional footballer, often involves constant mental demands and ongoing competitions, for a personal place in a competitive squad and for the team’s success. If matters at home aren’t great, they often have nowhere else to go, to let off steam. An occasional meeting with an escort, not necessarily for sex but for a conversation or for a sense of warmth, is sometimes seen as the only available solution.

Footballers and Blackmail Legal Advice FAQ

Footballers, especially those playing at the Premier League level, live under immense pressure, garner significant fame, and lucrative contracts at a young age, leading to a lifestyle under constant media scrutiny. The combination of public attention, few trusted advisors, and personal pressures makes them susceptible to situations that could lead to blackmail or extortion.

Conversations with clients suggest that for some footballers, engaging in extramarital affairs or meetings with escorts is less about sex and more about escaping life's demands. The competitive and demanding nature of their profession, coupled with personal issues, drives them to seek solace in such encounters.

Footballers facing blackmail should seek help despite the fear of reputational damage. Professional legal assistance is available that focuses on confidentiality and effective resolution without publicising the matter, ensuring the footballer's privacy and well-being are protected.

While going to the police is an option, it may not always be the best course of action for footballers wishing to keep the affair private. The process involves sharing sensitive information with multiple individuals, increasing the risk of leaks and leading to a level of intrusion that many may find uncomfortable.

Yes, it is possible to resolve a blackmail situation discreetly without any publicity. Through legal means such as obtaining a gagging injunction quickly and securely, a small, specialised law firm can handle the case with utmost confidentiality, ensuring the footballer's identity remains anonymous throughout the legal proceedings.

Footballer blackmail, what should they do

If you know a Premier League footballer who is being blackmailed, you will also know that the experience they are going through is pretty sickening. Everything is at stake. Their family, their children, their personal reputation, the reputation of the club, the footballer’s future earnings, their sponsors and the list goes on.

Often the sickening is actual and real. Being blackmailed affects your health and your entire well-being. It is a terrible experience that comes with real physical symptoms. The biggest fear for a Premier League footballer who is being blackmailed is that people will find out about their meeting with an escort of their extramarital affair. This often makes it more difficult for them to ask around for help. But help is available. The footballer just needs to find it.

Should a footballer who is being blackmailed go to the police

If what the footballer wants is to keep the affair a secret, by going to the police for help, they will have their story shared by dozens of people, who work for the police. The risk of a leakage is therefore high. The police will also be likely to ask to check the footballer’s mobile phone records, their social media accounts and instant messages. In fact, the police, in most cases, will make a copy of the footballer’s mobile phone so that it could be examined forensically. Few people would feel comfortable with this level of intrusion.

Considering the fact that the purpose of going to the police is to prevent intrusion into the footballer’s life, leaving your entire mobile phone records at the hands of strangers is likely to be a put off for most famous people.

Can you end blackmail without any publicity

Yes. It is possible to end a blackmail campaign without any publicity. We do this regularly for our clients. The process is fairly simple although it involves some complexities from a legal point of view, which the footballer should not worry about.

  • Firstly, we operate a tight ship. Our law firm is relatively small so only a handful of people will be involved with the case, or know the facts of it in most cases, up to four.
  • Secondly, we use encryption with all our communications with our clients and their agents.
  • The information that comes through to us is kept tightly secured.
  • Thirdly, we take steps to anonymise our client so that only the judge knows the real identity of our client. All the court documents will show a different name altogether.
  • Fourthly, we work fast. We can obtain a gagging injunction against the blackmailer within 24 hours and serve it on them in person.
  • Fifthly, we only ask to see relevant information. We have no interest in accessing irrelevant phone records and are happy to rely on the evidence that our client gives us.

How much does a blackmail injunction cost

Blackmail is a form of harassment and it often also involves a threat to misuse the victim’s private information. The cost of a blackmail injunction would depend on the amount of work that we need to carry out and the level of expertise that is required.

We will provide you with a cost estimate before we begin the work. Rest assured, however, that our charges are often less than a third of what some of the larger firms would charge you. This, again, is due to the speed by which we work and being a small, niche practice.

Would anyone find out about the blackmail injunction

No one would need to find out who you are or other details of the case. There will be an injunction preventing the publication of your name. The press is unlikely to know who you are if you come to us early and we are able to anonymise you on court papers from the outset.

There will be a judgment published, setting out the fact that an injunction had been granted but the information available will be anonymised and limited as all the papers in the case will be kept secured in the court’s file and there will be no access to the court’s papers to anyone.

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