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Defamation against a business

Defamation against a business

Business defamation legal advice

Defamation against a business on internet forums, blogs and other social media could very easily slip out of control, and could jeopardize the reputation of that business. Typically, a single customer or a former employee will post defamation against a business they engaged with to create the false impression of general customer’s dissatisfaction.

Why defamation is a problem for good businesses

Should you respond to a negative online review

What can a business do about online defamation

Why defamation is a problem for good businesses

Defamation is a problem for good businesses and not only for businesses that provide bad customer service. Often this type of action, such as online defamation against a business becomes self- fulfilling prophecy. Real or potential customers become influenced by the negativity they read about the business online and they respond by either moving away from the company or by not engaging with it in the first place.

Should you respond to a negative online review

Before responding to a negative review or to online defamation against your business, remember that once you post a statement online, you might never be able to take it back. Always consider the impact of any statement you volunteer to the online community on your business’ long term reputation. Decisions concerning a response to online defamation against a business should be strategic and account for the likely consequences of each action or inaction.

What can a business do about online defamation

We believe that most UK business owners are great people who work relentlessly to cement their good reputation among their customers. Defamation against a business, large or small could undo years of hard work. As a business owner, you have a choice to either respond to online defamation against your business, ignore it or pursue a hard line and have it removed from the internet altogether.

Before deciding what to do, just consider what message you wish to send out to your consumers, investors and to your employees. Ask questions such as is it in your business best interest to publicly respond to the defamation or perhaps your company’s long term interest will be better served by taking a tougher, uncompromising approach. 

Often the decision of what to do about online defamation is a hard one and the choice is often seems like a choice between a rock and a hard palace  and is difficult to make. However bringing someone else to the table, to help you decide about your approach to a particular issue of business defamation could be worth its value in gold as it will save you having to gamble on the future of your business’ reputation.

It therefore makes sense to call us, free, on 0800 612 7211 because it is likely that we have already dealt with a similar case to yours at least once in the past 25 years.

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    Defamation  by competitors

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    If you have recently suffered defamation by competitors or if someone is slandering your business, you might be able to do something about it but you will need to act fast.

  • Google disclosure request

    Google disclosure request

    A full guide to Google disclosure requests

  • Defamation

    Defamation lawyer

    Internet defamation lawyer

    There are many defamation lawyers in London but there are only a handful who truly understand with clarity social media and the internet. It is often the case that the merits of your defamation case should be assessed by your lawyer through different angles and having a strong defamation case in law, is only one of them.

    How to win a defamation case

    Early action when responding to defamation

    Why choose Cohen Davis defamation lawyers

    How to win a defamation case

    Before embarking on a full scale defamation case, which could lead to a glorious victory, but at the risk of  further dissemination of the defamatory statements through reporting by the press of the defamation proceedings, we will work with you on what winning your defamation case means to you. The internet is full of reputational risks and whilst it is possible to have them all supressed, winning a defamation claim on its own is often insufficient. This is particularly true if the defamation has spread, or is likely to be spread across websites, social media and jurisdictions. To truly win a defamation claim, you will need something more than your defamation lawyer’s strategy to win your defamation court case.

    Some of the most recognised defamation solicitors and barristers in the UK will focus on winning your defamation case in court, but this wouldn’t necessarily mean that you “won” your defamation case. When it comes to defamation on the internet, your court case is one battle of many. Winning a defamation case is great, but often insufficient. There are other battles to be won and your defamation lawyer will plan your case so that each battle, with search engines, with social media companies and over public opinion is fought and won, hard and smart.

    Early action when responding to defamation

    When it comes to defamation on the internet, you can never tell for sure what those who wish you harm are up to. They might be planning and plotting, preparing and conspiring which means your defamation lawyer must be at least be one step ahead throughout your representation.

    The sooner you seek the right legal advice, the better the outcome of your case is likely to be. When a team of dedicated defamation lawyers successfully prevents articles and internet posts appearing online in the first place, the credit for this success should be given to our intelligent clients who have the wisdom to act fast.

    Why choose Cohen Davis defamation lawyers

    We are outcome focused. It is too easy for a defamation lawyer to get carried away and perhaps forget about what the objective is all about. Vindications, apologies, payment of damages and defamation injunctions are instruments that your defamation lawyer could use to help you achieve your gaols. The pursue of a defamation case isn't to obtain a defamation injunction, for example, but to bring you a peace of mind and a satisfactory closure to an unpleasant ordeal.

    An outcome focused approach, also means that we constantly look at ways to close any gaps that might end up undermining your achievements. An outcome focused approach also means that the solution must fit within your budget and that the strategy for winning your defamation case must be tailor planned for you and for your needs and abilities.

    Finally, an outcome focused approach to winning defamation cases, means that we always assign the right defamation lawyer to meet the needs of your case. We make sure that only specialists and experienced defamation lawyers work on our clients’ cases and that the experience must be related to our clients’ current defamation issue.

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    Defamation solicitors

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  • Google business defamation

    Google business defamation
  • Remove defamation from Twitter 19 May 2016

    Jurisdiction: United States remove defamation twitter solicitors

    Pages removed from: Twitter

    Date of removal: 20 May 2016

    Number of pages removed: 1

    Additional information: Our client became victim of blackmail on the internet which was carried out on social media by a number of individuals. Our defamation lawyers took swift action to close down a defamatory Twitter account because it was used to defame and spread false allegations against our client. 

  • Stop defamation from anonymous source 08 May 2017

    Jurisdiction: United Kingdom Stop defamation anonymous unknown source

    Pages removed from: WordPress

    Date of removal: 08 May 2017

    Number of pages removed: 1

    Additional information: Our client, a successful mining company incorporated in Australia, was defamed on the internet. A website was published, containing highly defamatory articles with the intent of causing our client as much damage as possible. However, the website creators’ identities remained hidden, by a VPN service, allowing the campaign of defamation anonymously against our client. Our defamation and harassment solicitors successfully obtained a Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) against the parent company of, Privax Limited, which in turn provided the identification of the users through their IP addresses. 

  • Remove defamation from Ripoff Report 23 October 2013

    Jurisdiction: United State, Arizona.remove rip off report lawyers. Remove defamation

    Pages removed from: Rip Off Report.

    Date of removal: 23 October 2013.

    Number of web pages removed: 2.

    Additional information: Removed defamation from RipOffReport. Obtained disclosure orders and identified poster who was subsequently arrested, prosecuted and convicted at Iselworth Crown Court. We have obtained disclosure orders, compelling RipOffReport to provide IP addresses and other identifying information about posters of defamation on RipOffReport, who attempted to ruin our client’s business. Lawyers at our associated office in Arizona were able to obtain the court orders within days of our instructions. 

  • Remove defamation from 8 June 2016

    Remove business reviews from HarringayOnlineJurisdiction: United Kingdom

    Pages removed from:

    Date of removal: 8 June 2016

    Number of web pages removed: 1

    Additional information: Our client, a party wall surveyor, was subjected to a campaign of harassment on the internet. The campaign included posting of defamatory comments that intended to harm his business. The posters falsely accused him of being dishonest and this naturally resulted in loss of revenue. The defamatory posts against our client and against his business appeared on the first page of Google search results and this caused him substantial distress. Initially, the website operators of HarringayOnline refused our client's request to remove the defamatory posts but once our defamation lawyers stepped in the matter was successfully resolved to his satisfaction.  

  • Remove defamation from WordPress 20 May 2016

    Jurisdiction: United States remove defamation from wordpress solicitors

    Pages removed from: WordPress

    Date of removal: 20 May 2016

    Number of pages removed: 1

    Additional information: Our client, a successful dairy farmer became victim of defamation by a disgruntled ex-employee who created a blog on WordPress defaming our client by falsely claiming he was being abused as an employee. The ex-employee commenced legal proceedings against our client in an employment tribunal which in the meantime were dismissed for lack of merits. The ex-employee used the defamatory WordPress blog to try and blackmail our client. He demanded thousands of pounds in return for the deletion of the blog. Our defamation lawyers advised our client not to pay and made him and the ex-employee aware of anti-bribery laws. Our defamation lawyers took swift action to facilitate the removal of the defamatory blog and to quickly stop the reputational damage it was causing our client. . 

  • Removed defamation 4 July 2016

    Remove defamation TAPAJurisdiction: United Kingdom

    Pages removed from:

    Date of removal: 4 July 2016

    Number of web pages removed: 1

    Additional information: is a website dedicated to exposing alleged advertising "scams" in the UK. Our defamation lawyers were instructed that the website includes a list of companies that it says are involved in misleading advertising practices. Our client was operating an advertising agency. Details of the agency were included in The website claimed it received "complaints" about our client's practices. The inclusion of our client on this website had damaged its reputation. The mere inclusion of a company on so called scam websites has negative connotations and is almost automatically considered defamatory. Our defamation lawyers successfully facilitated the removal of information about our client from this website..

  • Removed defamation from EstateAgentToday 29 May 2015

    Defamation solicitor to remove defamation from estateagenttodayJurisdiction: United Kingdom.
    Defamation removed from: EstateAgentToday.

    Date of removal: 29 May 2015.

    Number of web pages removed: 25.

    Additional information: We removed defamatory posts from this UK based website, EstateAgentToday on behalf of a high street law firm. A number of lawyers were defamed on EstateAgentToday by posts and comments in relation to property transactions and the quality of the work and services they allegedly delivered.

    Statements concerning investigations by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority of the law firm were also deleted from this website to the relief of the law firm.   

  • Removed defamation from Google Plus 23 July 2015

    Jurisdiction: United State, California.Remove reviews from google plus solicitor

    Pages removed from: Google Plus.

    Date of removal: 23 July 2015.

    Number of web pages removed: 7.

    Additional information: Our defamation solicitors remove reviews from Google Plus on behalf of our client who is a letting agent and who had had a large number of defamatory reviews posted about his business.    

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