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Every situation is different so by far the best way to find out how to respond to a social media legal issue is to speak to those who are most likely to have dealt with a situation similar to yours.
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Legal action for slander and libel online

If you have found yourself in the middle of an impending attack on your reputation through imminent slander and libel online or breach of privacy issues, you should seek immediate advice from us so that we can protect you or rescue you from this potential crisis.

We will act rapidly and strategically, obtain an urgent injunction and give full PR consideration to the consequences of all outcomes.  

If you are seeking help to dissuade a publisher from going ahead with a possible imminent defamatory publication, it is important to get legal help from a lawyer that is well-versed in the legal elements of slander and libel multi-jurisdictionally and who are familiar with the in-house lawyers at media organisations. Even if it is too late and we cannot prevent publication of the slander and libel completely, we may be able to change what is published about you by liaising with the media, influencing a positive story and ensuring reputational damage limitation. 

We can make slander and libel web pages completely disappear, but internet related reputational protection and the law, perhaps more than any other area of law, requires you to take into consideration many different matters before you decide to proceed with legal action. For instance, you may win your legal action for slander and libel and breach of privacy in court, but lose your reputation at the same time. A good strategy obtained from a specialised internet law lawyer is more effective than anything, as they have experience and understand the technicalities of the internet, implications from a legal side of slander and libel and will consider the long term reputational outcome as well as what is imperative in the short term.

If the slander and libel and breach of privacy information has appeared online already, acting quickly is crucial. Call us, as soon as possible before Google put it into their search results. Some search engines may take longer to index the defamation and breach of privacy information web pages but as long it takes to index, it takes the same amount of time to remove, so this is why it essential to act quickly because there will be links and snippets that need to removed, as soon as possible, also. 

Cohen Davis have the years of experience and technical expertise necessary in assisting clients with slander and libel cases and protecting reputations. We have been doing this a long time, so we can guarantee a committed, swift, tailored response. Being connected with some of leading internet law attorneys around the world is reassuring to our clients also, as we have easy and swift access to them to assist with the slander and libel case, if necessary.

Cohen Davis will guarantee your privacy and will protect you in a private hearing. No matter how complex it seems, we will have dealt with a similar slander and libel case like yours and careful, long term considerations are paramount to our successes but acting fast is crucial, so we advise you to call us immediately: 0800 612 7211. 

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