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Cyberbullying lawyer

Cyberbullying lawyer Yair Cohen together with Robert Bourns, the Law Society President

If you are looking for cyberbullying lawyers to help you stop ongoing bullying online, you can rest assured that you have arrived at the right place. Cohen Davis solicitors are one of the country’s most experienced online harassment and cyberbullying law firms.

Our dedicated lawyers have dealt with dozens of highly challenging cases of online harassment and cyberbullying and Yair Cohen, the firm’s owner is also the author of the book The Net is Closing; Birth of the E-police, a book which describes Yair’s long standing work with victims of cyberbullying and online harassment as well as with the police and other government agencies to achieve many of the successful outcomes he and the firm have delivered on behalf of victims of cyberbullying harassment.

If you are a victim of ongoing online harassment or cyberbullying, or you are a parent or a carer of one, you can speak to Yair Cohen or to one of our other online harassment lawyers today by calling 0207 183 4123.

Cyberbullying lawyers UK
  • How do you respond to blackmail

    How do you respond to blackmail

    Taking Control: a practical guide for Responding to Blackmail

    Welcome to our law firm's comprehensive resource hub, where we provide extensive information and guidance to individuals facing the distressing challenges of online blackmail and extortion. In today's digital age, these cybercrimes have become increasingly prevalent and can have severe emotional, reputational, and financial consequences for nearly every victim of

  • Understanding and preventing dating blackmail: A legal Guide

    Understanding and preventing dating blackmail

    Blackmail Helpline UK

    Online dating has revolutionised the way people find love, companionship and more. But as with any online platform, it's not without its risks. One of the most significant threats associated with online dating is "dating blackmail", a form of emotional and financial exploitation. Often this is referred to as "sextortion". This article aims to shed light on how dating blackmail works, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you find

  • Legal action for harassment and stalking

    Legal action for harassment and stalking

    Legal action for harassment and stalking

    In this case study, we detail our client Jacob (not his real name) who suffered prolonged harassment and stalking by his ex-partner Marissa (not her real name). We present an informative overview of the legal action available to safeguard yourself in similar situations of harassment and stalking.

  • Dating blackmail

    Dating blackmail

    Staying safe in the world of online dating: how to avoid becoming a blackmail victim

    Dating blackmail has been generating a source of income for an increasing number of scammers for many years. We have first started to see a sharp increase in dating blackmail cases during COVID where many sex workers found themselves strapped for cash. Since then, the number of reported dating blackmail cases has remained stable.

  • Disclosure from US companies and website operators

    Disclosure from USA websites and companies

    How to obtain disclosure from a website operator if you live outside the United States

    Numerous strategies exist for obtaining disclosure from a website, online platform, or company based in the United States. It is difficult to find an attorney who is highly experienced in securing disclosure orders from the US at speed and in a cost-effective way.

  • Is blackmail illegal in the UK

    Is blackmail illegal in the UK

    An Overview of Blackmail Law in the UK

    Is blackmail illegal in the UK? Yes. Blackmail is illegal in the UK. The internet and social media have created new avenues for malicious individuals to blackmail and harass others. Creating blogs, websites, and using social media platforms to blackmail someone involves exploiting these channels to threaten or coerce the target into complying with the blackmailer's demands.

  • What to do if someone is blackmailing you for sex

    What to do if someone is blackmailing you for sex

    The reality of sexual extortion: how to handle the threats and where to find help

    Blackmail is a heinous criminal act that can leave the victim feeling powerless and vulnerable. The experience can be traumatic, especially if the blackmail involves sexual favours or explicit content. In such cases, it is essential to take immediate action and seek help from trusted sources. If you or someone you know is facing sexual blackmail, you should read on.

  • Celebrity online harassment

    Celebrity cyberbullying legal advice

    Celebrity harassment on the internet

    In today's digital age, the internet has become the go-to platform for celebrities to use for self-promotion. Celebrities use the internet to share their work and show off their accomplishments. But what happens when someone takes advantage of the celebrity's online presence to spread negative content?

  • Harassment on Facebook

    Harassment on Facebook

    What to do if your Facebook account is being harassed

    Some people use Facebook to harass ex-spouses, lovers and boyfriends. The campaign is often triggered by an emotional breakup, where one party feels so hurt they are willing and able to do anything to end the lives of their former lover.

  • Civil harassment and criminal harassment in the UK what is the difference

    Civil harassment and criminal harassment in the UK

    What to do if you are being harassed online

  • "The mental and emotional support Cohen Davis gave us is second to none and is greatly appreciated"

    “I instructed Cohen Davis on a very complicated matter of online harassment campaign against myself together with a large group of people. It involved hundreds of internet posts targeting large number of individuals. We needed an harassment injunction to stop the publication of private information about us on the
  • Someone used my video without permission

    Someone used my video without permission

    How to remove from social media videos posted without consent

    In the past couple of years, a deeply concerning practice has emerged with increasing frequency: the act of filming individuals without their consent and subsequently posting these videos to social media. This phenomenon, especially prevalent in cases involving the non-consensual filming of women in public areas, has sparked a significant debate about privacy, consent, and digital ethics.

  • Can someone post a video of me without my permission on TikTok

    Can someone post a video of me without my permission on TikTok

    Someone filmed me and published the video without my consent on social media

    Recent incidents, particularly in Manchester, have highlighted a disturbing trend of individuals, especially women, being filmed without their consent during nights out. These videos, often shared on platforms like TikTok, not only invade the privacy of those filmed but also raise significant legal questions regarding the balance between the right to film in public spaces and the protection of

  • Revenge porn legal advice

    Revenge porn legal advice

    Revenge porn legal advice

  • Falsely accused of rape

    Falsely accused of rape

    What to do if you are falsely accused of rape

  • The case of Lindsey Goldrick-Dean

    The case of Lindsey Goldrick

    The longest case of online harassment in the UK since the invention of the internet

  • Harassment solicitors no win no fee

    Harassment solicitors no win no fee

    Harassment no win no fee

  • Instagram harassment

    Instagram harassment

    How to deal with Instagram harassment

  • The case of GYH v Persons Unknown

    Privacy injunction

    An injunction for breach of privacy of a transgender sex worker

  • The case of DDF v YYZ

    Social media injunction
  • Harassment on

    Harassment on

    What to do if you are being harassed on

  • The case of Phipps v Britton-unmasking internet trolls

    Unmasking internet trolls

    What to do if you need to uncover the identity of your internet troll

  • A review of Cohen Davis legal practice

    A review of Cohen Davis legal practice

    Why clients choose to work with Cohen Davis Solicitors

  • Cross jurisdiction case of harassment

    Cross jurisdiction harassment

    How to stop a UK harasser from harassing someone in another country

  • How to take legal action for cyberbullying

    How to take legal action for cyberbullying

    What are the legal options when being cyberbullied

  • Removed defamation from 7 April 2016

    Remove harassing and defamatory threadsJurisdiction: United
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