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A review of Cohen Davis legal practice

A review of Cohen Davis legal practice

Why clients choose to work with Cohen Davis Solicitors

As dedicated social media lawyers we know how to simplify otherwise complicated, technical issues and to communicate them in easy-to-understand terms to our clients, to our opponents and to the courts.

Is Cohen Davis the right law firm for you

How can Cohen Davis support you with your internet law matter

How open can you be when you speak to us

Why do clients chose to work with Cohen Davis

Unique features of Cohen Davis legal services

Is Cohen Davis the right law firm for you

If you think you’ve been the victim of an online reputation attack, you’re no doubt bemused by the impact this might have on your personal life and on your business or employment opportunities. If you find yourself searching for a specialist lawyer to assist you with your internet related legal issue, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want to professionally remove defamatory and derogatory web pages from the internet? Do you want to be able, at the same time, to use highly effective legal tools to help you achieve your goal even faster?

Are you the type of person who likes to do a neat job, with the sort of business thinking, who values long term benefits over short term gimmicks?

Are you the sort of person who prefers proof over promises, action over words and transparency over secrecy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, and if you are serious about repairing yours, or your company's online reputation, you should call us now, without delay, FREE and speak to one of world’s leading social media specialist law firm, about your online reputation management issues.

Cohen Davis: Online Reputation Management Legal Advice FAQ

Cohen Davis offers professional legal assistance to remove defamatory and derogatory web pages from the internet. They employ legal tools to help clients achieve their goals swiftly and effectively, focusing on long-term benefits over short-term fixes.

Cohen Davis specialises in fast removal of damaging online content, combining their legal expertise with SEO and social media knowledge. They manage the complete online reputation for various clients and can facilitate media features to enhance public perception.

Yes, Cohen Davis encourages open and judgement-free communication, ensuring clients can discuss even the most serious or embarrassing issues. They approach each situation with fresh eyes, seeking the best possible improvements.

Clients opt for Cohen Davis due to their creative solutions, fixed fees for cost certainty, and specialisation in challenging cases that other firms may avoid. They are known for pioneering legal advice that often sets new precedents.

Cohen Davis provides a combination of unique features including fixed fees, transparent billing, written confirmations of advice, creative alternatives to litigation, a secure interactive app for project collaboration, 24/7 service for global clients, free calls for quick consultations, and a money-back guarantee on initial consultations.

How can Cohen Davis support you with your internet law matter

We remove fast - commercially and personally damaging internet web pages, forum posts and online review websites. Our lawyers are SEO and social media specialists and they know the law pretty well too. They understand how the internet works and what needs to be done to repair damaged reputation.

We fully manage the online reputation of entrepreneurs, privately owned enterprises and public companies. With our dedicated team of PR experts, we can arrange for you, or for your company to be featured in the natural press, be interviewed and positioned as experts.

We have created many legal precedents and solved clients’ pressing legal reputational issues, where other told them that nothing could be done. Every member of our team has a creative mind and we will never give up, where we know that there might be an additional angle to be explored. Our law firm has won law society awards and is fully regulated by the SRA.

How open can you be when you speak to us

You can speak to us freely about your situation, no matter how serious it is or how embarrassed or frustrated you might feel about the events that brought it about.

We will never prejudge you and will always review your situation with fresh eyes, and if there is a way to help you improve your situation, and often there is one, be assured that we will find it and then explore it together with you.

Why do clients chose to work with Cohen Davis

We have clients from all walks of life. We welcome all our clients because our lawyers always focus on finding a creative, and costs effective solution our any internet and social media legal issue you place in front of them.

This is why often we choose to offer our clients fixed fees, so that we can just focus all our attention on resolving their internet law legal issue fast. With our team you will find some of the most creative and most knowledgeable social media lawyers and internet defamation solicitors in the country who are:

Specialist online defamation solicitors

Online defamation against individuals and companies. Defending complex, cross-border online defamation cases and combatting online reputation attacks on a big scale.

Expert online harassment and cyber-stalking lawyers

Long-term and vicious online harassment cases. Tracing and identifying internet trolls and online harasser. Cases with large amount of evidence and with challenging defendants.

Internet law solicitors with experience, who will have proven to always passionately work towards achieving their clients’ goals

Cases that are challenging from a legal point of view. The type of internet law cases, that most other law firm will be reluctant to get involved with, due to complexity or high volume of evidence or due to particularly challenging circumstances

Internet law legal advice that goes beyond law school’s textbook

Our internet lawyers are known for the legal advice they give, which is often original and pioneering. Legal advice, which not only goes far beyond law school's textbook, but which often creates the type of legal precedents, which ends up in law books

Reputation solicitors who continuously learn about the behaviour of the internet

Our lawyers know that in addition to people’s conduct and behaviour, there are machines, artificial intelligence, algorithm and technology, which might be part of the reputational issues that you are facing and which, as a result, might also need to be part of the solution.

Social media solicitor Yair CohenYou can speak to us freely about your situation, no matter how serious it is or how embarrassed or frustrated you might feel about the events that brought it about. We will never prejudge you and will always give you a solution that is most likely to improve your situation.

Unique features of Cohen Davis legal services

Cohen Davis provide a rich combination of unique features and methods, which we review, improve and enhance all the time based on the very latest technology and on our clients’ unique needs.

Fixed fees and certainty over legal costs

Whoever possible, we offer our clients fixed fees so that they have certainty as to the legal costs of their project. Fixed fees enable our lawyers too, to get on with the work and only focus on delivering results and an outstanding service to their clients.

Transparent, fair, itemised bills

All of our bills are fully transparent, and they include an itemisation of every transaction in the your project as standard. We want our clients to see how hard our lawyers work for them and how fast they can attain good outcomes and results

Straightforward advice followed by clear and decisive action

Following the initial advice and thereafter, throughout the life of the project and following each review, our lawyers confirm the advice in writing, as standard, to give our clients the opportunity to peacefully consider, review and decide on the next step in their project.

Creative alternatives to expensive litigation

When it comes to online reputation, there are so many different options available, with litigation being only one. From PR, to SEO, to strategic alliances and to mention just a few, our clients trust our lawyers to always think outside the box of the small legal profession and to provide advice and solutions that are focused on outcomes and the real desires of our clients.

Fully transparent, interactive and secure App to work on your project

Our social media lawyers work together with our clients. To do this, have use the latest technology to interact, communicate and brain storm together, as a teach, with our clients and their representatives. Download our secure App to your mobile phone, tablet of PC and be part of the project, straight away. Exchange opinions, views and insight about your project in real time with your entire legal team

24/7 Interactive service

Our unique 24/7 services, means that our legal services are suitable for clients from around the world, for those who are on the go, for multinational companies, where individuals who wish to get involved are located in different countries and within different time zones and for people who just finds it hard to fall sleep at night and instead, get their best ideas, which they wish to share, after midnight.

Free calls

Call our free phone telephone number at any time, for a quick chat or to book your initial consultation.


All our initial consultations come with a fully backed money back guarantee. You might as well call us to book an initial consultation with an expert internet lawyer. You have nothing to lose.

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