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Scam recovery

Scam recovery

Legal Advice Following an Electronic Fraud Incident

With the sharp rise in electronic scams and fraud, it's clear these crimes can deeply affect individuals and companies, not only financially and emotionally, but also reputationally. At Cohen Davis Solicitors, we understand the profound impact that fraud and scams can have on individuals and businesses alike.

Our firm is dedicated to standing by our clients during some of their most challenging moments, committed to swiftly uncovering who is behind the fraud, identifying any enablers of the scam, and strategising on recovering as much as possible of what was stolen. We aim to offer hope and a roadmap to recuperation for those impacted by scammers, both in the UK and internationally.

Table of content

Internal corporate fraud investigations

External fraud detection and recovery

Legal support for corporates facing electronic fraud

Legal assistance with a scam incident

Internal corporate fraud investigations

When suspicions of fraud arise within your company, identifying the source swiftly and discreetly becomes paramount. Our solicitors are adept at conducting in-depth investigations into internal corporate fraud, employing sophisticated techniques and technologies to uncover the truth.

We understand the delicate nature of these inquiries and the importance of maintaining business continuity and safeguarding your company's reputation. By choosing our firm, you ensure that your internal investigation is carried out with the utmost professionalism and diligence, aimed at identifying the individuals involved and the extent of their activities, thereby enabling you to take corrective actions and prevent future incidents.

External fraud detection and recovery

Our firm specialises in the precise tracing and uncovering of fraudsters' identities, tailoring our expertise to meet the diverse needs of corporate clients facing external threats. We're equipped to confront these challenges directly. Our global reach, bolstered by collaborations with specialist teams worldwide, enables us to navigate international legal frameworks effectively.

Legal support for corporations facing electronic fraud

Our firm provides a comprehensive strategy for tackling fraud, whether it's within your organisation or directed against it. If you're concerned that an insider may have collaborated with fraudsters, or if you aim to uncover as much as possible about the perpetrators and the circumstances of the fraud, we're here to assist. We swiftly secure third-party disclosure orders globally, gathering data from banks, internet service providers, and VPN services. Our approach to discovery is supported by a helpful, dynamic, and highly experienced team, ready to support you at every step.

Legal assistance with a scam incident

When a company faces a scam incident, the importance of legal assistance cannot be overstated. Dealing with insurance claims, bank interactions, and unravelling the legal complexities tied to the fraud's origin, or identifying the people behind it, requires a skilled hand. Our firm offers a highly professional, approachable, and experienced approach, enabling us to handle a broad spectrum of issues efficiently. Our expertise ensures comprehensive support and strategic solutions tailored to address each aspect of your situation, from initial discovery to final resolution.

A specialist law firm with global reach to assist you in identifying corporate fraudsters

Our firm stands at the forefront of Internet law, bolstered by an international network of boutique law firms that share our specialisation. Together, we offer a level of expertise and cost-efficiency that often surpasses that of larger law firms, making us a highly specialised choice for our clients. The significance of having an extensive international legal network to combat corporate fraud cannot be understated. By leveraging our global connections, we are equipped to issue disclosure orders and navigate the complex realms of international law with unmatched precision and effectiveness.

Our international legal operations are central to our strategy in fighting fraud and enhancing the potential for asset recovery for our clients. We recognise that scammers frequently operate across borders, necessitating collaboration with law firms worldwide that have a deep understanding of local jurisdictions. This international cooperation ensures a thorough investigation when tracking fraudsters' activities and reclaiming our clients' assets. Our ability to launch and implement disclosure orders worldwide provides our clients with a unique advantage in tracking and addressing fraud effectively.

  • Company victim of electronic fraud

    Company victim of electronic fraud

    What to do if your company has been a victim of electronic fraud

    If your company has been a victim of electronic financial crime or a scam, it's imperative to act swiftly and decisively, as our client did in the following case study. Immediate action and expert guidance are crucial in mitigating the impact of the fraud and initiating the recovery process.

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