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  • Adult website lawyers

    Adult website lawyers

    Legal advice on setting up adult websites

    Setting up an adult website in a safe and compliant way, will secure your legal position and the longevity of your website. Whichever model you choose for your adult website, you are  required to ensure that you comply with

  • Breach of privacy

    Breach of privacy

    A privacy breach that happens online might relate to information which is either true or untrue. Cases of a breach of privacy that this firm has handled include breaches of privacy in relation to information regarding sexual orientation, doxing, mental health, extra marital relationships,

  • Cancel culture legal action

  • Cease and Desist Letter

  • Company defamation solicitor

  • Cyberbullying lawyer

    Cyberbullying lawyer Yair Cohen together with Robert Bourns, the Law Society President

    If you are looking for cyberbullying lawyers to help you stop ongoing bullying online, you can rest assured that you have arrived at the right place. Cohen Davis solicitors are one of the country’s most experienced online harassment and cyberbullying law firms.

    Our dedicated

  • Defamation against a business

    Defamation against a business

    Business defamation legal advice

    Defamation against a business on internet forums, blogs and other social media could very easily slip out of control, and could jeopardize the reputation of that business. Typically, a single customer or a former employee will post

  • Defamation against a company

  • Defamation claim against the police

    A defamation claim against the police is often coupled with claims for breach of privacy and misuse of private information. The reason for this is that in most cases, police investigations are private matters in the sense that the individual questioned or investigated is considered innocent

  • Defamation injunction

  • Defamation Lawyer

    If you suffer from harassment online, and want to put a stop to it, please obtain professional legal advice. Call us right now on 0207 183 4123. Your call will be answered by our super friendly legal support team who will assist you in whichever way they

  • Defamation lawyer in England

    Defamation lawyer in England

    Advice on defamation law in England

    Defamation lawyers in England who work with clients in the U.S. For nearly 20 years, we have been specialising in English defamation law, and specifically in defamation law online. Our firm has been advising and acting for clients from all over

  • Defamation on Twitter

    Defamation on Twitter is one of the most common forms of defamation this firm is currently dealing with. Twitter defamation happens when the tweeter posts either an original tweet, posts over Twitter a link to other defamatory material, often a blog post, or when the tweeter retweets a tweet

  • Defamation restaurant review

    Defamation restaurant review

    Defamatory online review against a restaurant

    Restaurants are often susceptible for defamatory online reviews, which have the potential of bringing a successful restaurant business down to its knees.

    Who posts defamatory

  • Delete fake Facebook Page

    A Fake Facebook Page is likely to cause companies substantial headache.

    First, Fake Facebook pages usually are created by disgruntled customers who go on a campaign with a single purpose of ruining the company’s reputation. They would often publish the Fake Facebook page to make

  • Domain name solicitor

  • EU Privacy Lawyer

    Cohen Davis is a leading EU privacy law firm advising clients from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia on European privacy law. Our privacy law lawyers provide specialist Counsel advice on privacy law in legal documents, drafting privacy law contracts and agreement and providing...
  • Facebook harassment

  • False accusations on social media

  • Getting disclosure from Facebook

    Getting disclosure from Facebook

    How to obtain a disclosure order from Facebook

    If you are being defamed on Facebook or if private information about you has been published on Facebook, you might want to consider the viability of obtaining a disclosure order from Facebook to help you identity to persons responsible

  • Getting disclosure from Google

    Getting disclosure from Google

    How to obtain disclosure from Google

    If you want to learn about how you might be able to obtain disclosure from Google about a Google user who uses any Google products to post defamation or harassing material about you or about your company on the internet, give us a call and

  • Harassment Instagram

  • Harassment Online Help UK

  • Harassment solicitor

    Harassment solicitor

    Award winning expert harassment solicitors 

    We are an award winning expert harassment solicitors. Online harassment takes many forms and can go on for as long as the harasser wishes the harassment to continue, unless the harasser is stopped. Our online harassment solicitors

  • Internet harassment legal advice

    Our harassment solicitors specialise in harassment cases which are particularly challenging. Details of many of the harassment cases that our lawyers have been involved in, will never be published, for obvious reasons. When they do get published, often we make

  • Internet Law

    Cohen Davis is the first Internet Law legal firm in the UK. Founded as a niche practice by Yair Cohen, the focus of the firm is on Internet Law related cases, and particularly on cases which are highly challenging in terms of either evidence or fact related

  • Internet lawyers UK

    Internet lawyers UK

    Internet law expert lawyer in the UK

    We are the first internet lawyers in the UK. Our law firm specialises exclusively in internet law related legal issues and we serve clients from all over the world. Most of our our international work is being referred to us by US, Canadian

  • Internet trolling solicitor

    We provide legal help for people from all walks of life with these serious online trolling matters and many people have suffered for many years and were at their wit's end because their cases were too complex for others, before finding us. Undeterred by, and experienced with large and complex...
  • Online review defamation

    Online review defamation

    False and defamatory online reviews legal advice

    Online review defamation tends to have a disproportionate and a significant impact on small and medium size businesses. But large businesses are affected too. This is particularly true when it comes to the hospitality and the services

  • Online Trolling

    Online trolling, in all its variations, is one of the most pervasive forms of online harassment and many of our clients in the public eye and/or use social media accounts for their career have been the targets of these widespread inflammatory, hate-filled trolling campaigns of harassment. Cohen...
  • Online trolling legal help

    If you are in the public eye, you may feel that you do not want to feed the trolls and draw attention to your online trolling experience and give the trolls what they are seeking. You may also feel that you need legal help, despite this advice but may be worried about exposure, or a legal case...
  • Porn lawyer

  • Remove Google reviews

    Remove Google reviews

    How to remove Google reviews

    Whilst most businesses accept positive and negative online reviews with grace, most would still wish to remove Google reviews when those reviews are defamatory or malicious.

    When can you remove

  • Remove harassment discussion forums

  • Remove my name from Google

    Remove your name from Google where your name is linked to unwanted images or videos

    How to remove your name from Google

    There are different ways you can remove your name from Google search results. The most appropriate way to go about removing your name from Google would depend on the nature of the information that is being posted and the platform which hosts

  • Remove news articles from Google

    Newspapers have a right to publish certain information about you even if the information turns out to be untrue. For example, if you have been charged with a criminal offence and then prosecuted, news reporters have a right to report from legal proceedings as long as the reporting is fair

  • Remove review Yelp

  • Remove search results from Google worldwide

  • Reputation risk lawyers

    Reputation risk lawyers

    Legal aspects of online reputational risk

    Online reputation risks, are risks that should be considered at the designing stage of a business. This is, of course, in an ideal world. As we live in the real world, the reality of reputational risk online is that it is something which is

  • Right to be forgotten

    Right to be forgotten

    Legal advice right to be forgotten

    You might feel lost and unsure about making a right to be forgotten request. Whilst the form appears to be short and easy to complete, when you consider that the outcome of your submission could decide whether your future will become more memorable

  • Right to be forgotten appeal ICO legal advice

    Right to be forgotten appeal ICO legal advice


    The ICO is far more likely to overturn Google refusal to allow a right to be forgotten application than most people realise. Our experience is that an average of around 92% of right to be forgotten applications that our

  • Right to be forgotten criminal record

    There are at least three different routes to help you remove criminal record from the internet or at least from Google search results. Most of those who wish to remove links to a criminal record from Google searches are aware of the right to be forgotten

  • Right to be forgotten solicitor

    Right to be forgotten solicitor

    Successful right to be forgotten application

    A successful right to be forgotten submission to Google under a right to be forgotten might seem only 1000 characters away. Google makes it look easy, simple and straightforward and so as your own general lawyer might.


  • Signature cases

  • Trolling lawyer

    Cohen Davis are leading the way as a dedicated internet law firm that specialises in all internet law related issues and that includes online trolling, online abuse, defamation, breach of privacy, impersonation, hate speech and any harassment that is social media and internet related. You will...
  • UK defamation lawyer

  • UK solicitor online abuse

  • US Internet law attorney

    US Internet law attorney

    How to instruct an internet law attorney in the US

    If you are looking for a US internet lawyer or an internet law attorney to help you to obtain a court order, a disclosure order, a subpoena, or an injunction against a USA based website, our firm works with nearly 100 associate

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