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Business services

  • Online reputation due diligence before buying a business

    Online reputation due diligence before buying a business

    Solicitors in online reputation due diligence

    As businesses increasingly move towards an online presence, the importance of maintaining a positive reputation on the internet has become vital. This is especially true for those considering purchasing a business, as it is essential to have a clear understanding of the reputation and online presence of the company before making any commitments.

    Why carry out reputational

  • Remove online reviews

    Remove online reviews
  • How to find the identity of a website operator

    How to find the identity of a website operator

    Is it possible to discover the identity of an anonymous website operator

    Yes. If you operate a website under anonymity, where the site is being misused to breach individuals' rights, you should be aware that it is possible for potential claimants to take steps to have your true identity disclosed.

  • Business defamation on Google

    Business defamation on Google

    What to do if your business is defamed on Google

  • When would Google remove a business review

    When would Google remove a business review

    What can I do about an unfair Google review?

    Whilst Google's review policies are stringent and aimed at ensuring that every review is legitimate and unbiased, there are situations that warrant removing a review, such as if it violates Google's content policies or is fraudulent. There are also instances where a review may be removed following a request from a business owner or a third party, such as their solicitors. To get a better understanding of under what circumstances

  • Domain name security and recovery

    Domain name security and recovery

    Domain name security and recovery

    Domain name security and recovery is a complex area of law that requires expertise and experience. As businesses increasingly rely on the internet for their operations, the security and protection of domain names have become critical to their success. At our law firm, we provide sensible legal advice on all aspects of domain name security and recovery, ensuring that our clients' valuable online assets are protected.

    Our team of domain

  • Defending against online defamation

    Defending against online defamation

    We work relentlessly to shield our clients from internet defamation

    Each day, we help our clients defend against defamation on the internet. Fighting online defamation is one of the core areas of our law firms. Every day, we help our clients defend against online defamation and other types of digital attacks. We understand how important a business’s online reputation can be, and that's why we strive to help protect it.

  • Protecting business online reputation

    Protecting business online reputation

    Legal advice on business reputation

    At Cohen Davis, we understand how important it is to protect your online business reputation. Your reputation is on the line every time you put something online and each time you interact with a customer or a client, and anything negative that is said about your business can spread like wildfire, damaging it beyond repair. In today's digital age, it's critical to have a solid online reputation management strategy in place to protect your

  • Drafting and reviewing website terms and conditions

    Drafting and reviewing website terms and conditions

    Internet law specialist lawyers fixed fee bespoke website terms and conditions

    We understand that e-commerce regulations can be complex and daunting, especially for startup businesses and for those looking to expand their digital presence. That's why we offer top-notch services in advising on e-commerce regulations, as well as drafting and reviewing website terms and conditions. With our expert guidance, you can rest assured that your e-commerce operations are fully compliant

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