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Remove online reviews

Remove online reviews

How to remove online reviews

Online reviews, particularly false and fake reviews could be catastrophic to most small to medium size businesses. Sadly, many of the negative online reviews that you see on the internet are fake or defamatory or both.

Reasons why businesses wish to remove online reviews from the internet

What type of fake online reviews you might seek to remove

How to remove online reviews whilst playing by the rules

Reasons why businesses wish to remove online reviews from the internet

False reviews and other defamatory statements that appear on the internet often leave the targeted business suffocating for cash and investment. Those type of online reviews, which by some estimates account to the majority of product and service reviews that are posted online, leave many businesses with a tough choice. Either to participate in the online reviewers unfair game or fight to remove online reviews which they believe are false, fake or defamatory. When we refer to online reviews, we include a large number of reviews that are posted in online discussion forums as well as on review websites and on Google  My Business online review section.

Too many of those businesses who have decided to invest time and effort in handling online reviews, often become disheartened when faced with scores of fake reviews either negative about their business or positive about their competitors’ listings. Many of the our clients who seek our support, have found it difficult to keep up with bad online practices that often encourage them to choose between commissioning fake online reviews themselves and investing in the removal of fake online reviews.

Online Reviews & Defamation Legal Advice FAQ

Businesses may seek to remove various types of fake online reviews, including those commissioned by competitors, reviews by fake customers who make nominal purchases to appear legitimate, negative reviews posted by disgruntled employees, and positive reviews posted by the business owner's acquaintances.

Businesses can handle fake online reviews by engaging in lawful and ethical practices to have them removed. This includes gathering evidence to implicate the perpetrators and utilising legal processes to remove defamatory content, sending a message of integrity and zero tolerance to those who post such reviews.

Yes, it is possible to remove online reviews that are fake or defamatory while adhering to the rules. Specialised legal processes and strategies can be employed to remove such content from the internet and potentially identify the individuals responsible for the fake reviews campaign.

Businesses dealing with international defamation can access a support network of international internet lawyers and attorneys. This network enables businesses to take swift and appropriate legal action across different jurisdictions to address and resolve online defamation issues.

If a company becomes the target of fake and defamatory online reviews, they should seek legal advice to address the issue urgently. An experienced law firm can assist in identifying the source of the defamation, provide evidence, and employ legal means to make the defamatory reviews permanently disappear from public view.

What type of fake online reviews you might seek to remove

There are different types of fake online reviews. There are those fake online reviews which have been commissioned by competitors, almost on an industrial basis. They pay individuals or companies that are located oversees to post fake online reviews on theirs and on competitors’ business listings. There are fake customers, who turn up at a restaurant on behalf of the competition and order a glass of water so that they can claim that they had used the services of the business before posting negative online reviews about it. There are disgruntled employees who post fake online reviews about their former employer and there are business owners who ask family and friends to post fake reviews on their behalf. Whichever method which is done, the reputational damage to the victim company is often substantial and their dilemma of whether to play by the rules or turn into a cheat is often real.

How to remove online reviews whilst playing by the rules

It is possible to remove online reviews, which are fake or defamatory, whilst not turning into a cheat yourself. Our well polished processes to removing defamatory online reviews and forum posts from the internet often gives our clients the kiss of life that saves businesses from bankruptcy and protect their integrity and future reputation. Dealing with fake and defamatory reviews in a honourable and lawful way, nearly sends a message of high integrity and zero tolerance to the offenders who posted the fake and defamatory reviews in the first place. Nearly always, we are able to secure sufficient evidence to implicate the perpetrators and to send them a very clear message that their unfair and unlawful practices will never be tolerated. Whilst we only need to prove the identity of the orchestrator of the fake reviews campaign on the balance of probabilities, we always make sure that they know that we are after them and that our clients will not tolerate further cheating and lies. We can remove defamation from almost any website anywhere in the world and in most cases also obtain sufficient identifying details to help us smoke out whoever commissioned the posting of the fake reviews.

We have an impressive international support network of highly capable internet lawyers and attorneys, which means we can take action fast and in the most appropriate legal jurisdiction. Our extensive experience in undertaking specialist tasks such as the deletion of offending phrases from Google's autocomplete and removal of suggested search results that prompt customers to visit websites that contain defamatory online reviews is second to none and of great value to our clients. If your company has become the target of fake and/or defamatory online reviews, the chances are that you now have an urgent issue to resolve.

You will surely want to discover who is behind the sabotage and why. If you already know, you might still need to prove it and then decide what to do next. Even if you are unable to prove who is behind the defamatory reviews about your business, we can still make defamatory reviews permanently disappear from public sight. We do a thorough, permanent job and often achieve the impossible for our clients. Call us now to take advantage of more than 20 years of experience in removing online defamation against UK businesses. And yes, all our consultations come with a full money back guarantee!

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