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International online reputation management

International reputation management

Online reputation attack legal advice

Cohen Davis, is the first UK internet and social media law firm practicing excellence in all fields of internet law. Members of our firm have been practicing internet law and international reputation management for nearly 20 years, far longer than any other social media law firm in the UK.

International reputational management strategies

International reputation management for companies outside of the UK

The value of experience in international reputation management

International reputational management strategies

Our extensive experience in practicing internet law is hugely important to our clients because it increases the likelihood of successful outcomes to their social media and in internet law issues. This is because when you instruct an experienced specialist internet and social media lawyer, you also take advantage of tested strategies and exclusive solutions that are more likely to help you resolve any reputational damage issue.

You are also more likely to do so in a time-speedy and in a cost effective manner. But more significantly, a highly experienced internet lawyer is more likely to accurately predict any side effects and risks that might result from a particular course of action, and which are likely to have a tremendous impact on your reputation. Our lawyers are able to truly comprehend the turbulent nature of cyberspace and devise solutions to potential risks and adverse outcomes.

Whilst one can never tell for sure what reputational management strategies might work in a particular reputation risk situation, balancing your current position against other, similar cases, would give a fair and balanced prediction of the most effective action for you to take to minimise this risk. This can only be done with experience. What might appear to be a good or an obvious reaction to a reputational risk situation might turn out to be a reputational disaster, whilst a creative and perhaps a simple strategy could be proven far more effective in restoring the good reputation of your organisation.

UK Online Business Regulations Legal Advice FAQ

Cohen Davis pioneers in internet law, offering nearly 20 years of experience, which significantly increases the likelihood of successful outcomes in social media and internet law issues due to their tested strategies and solutions.

Experience is vital as it enables lawyers to predict potential risks and side effects of actions taken in cyberspace, leading to more effective and creative strategies for reputation restoration.

Cohen Davis has vast experience in aiding foreign organisations against online attacks launched from the UK, leveraging English defamation laws to offer quick and precise legal action.

With international reputation risks often transcending local boundaries, Cohen Davis's global network and rapid access to international internet law experts offer clients invaluable resources for worldwide reputation management.

Yes, the firm's founder, Yair Cohen, is an acclaimed international speaker on UK internet law, and their global network of attorneys ensures swift and reliable international legal support for clients.

International reputation management for companies outside of the UK

Companies and organisations that are located outside of the UK, often require their reputation management strategies to cover the UK, as well as other countries. There are many UK based website hosts and facilities, which are utilised to defame or cause reputational harm in other ways that are located outside of the UK, partially to those in the USA. Defamation laws in England are far more lenient towards defendants than those in most USA states. This sometimes makes it attractive for some to use UK internet platforms to launch online reputation attacks on companies from around the world. Our extensive experience in assisting foreign organising, website operators and businesses in fighting back against online reputation attacks which launch from England, allow us to provide our international clients with fast and accurate legal advice and with prompt action as part of our clients’ national and international reputation management strategies.

The value of experience in international reputation management

Most reputation risks exist on an international level, even if a business only serves customers in the UK. This means that in many cases, what first appears as a local reputation issue, is in fact a matter that is called for an international reputation management approach. It is likely that websites will be hosted outside of the UK, and a domain name would be purchased from a domain name registrar overseas and that at you might be required to obtain a disclosure order from a website operator or from another third party, whose principle place of business is in the USA, Canada or another country within or outside of the EU.

Whilst the founder of our firm, Yair Cohen, is considered as one of the most creative internet law experts in the UK, over two decades of practicing internet law and reputation risk management, Yair has developed a network of internet law attorneys from all over the world, many of who are ready to assist our clients in short notice and lend their experience and expertise to our clients’ cause.

Yair is also an international speaker on UK internet and reputation management law. He is regularly invited to the Internet Law Leadership Summit, an exclusive club of USA and international internet law attorneys, who meet twice a year in Las Vegas to brainstorm and learn about the latest cutting edge internet and reputation law developments and strategies.

As such, the firm has immediate access to some of the best internet law attorneys in the world, which means you have access to those experts too, just by being a client of the firm. These relationships alone are worth in gold because they guarantee speed, reliability and fair cost to you as a client, on an international level too.

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