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Breach of privacy that happens online might relate to information which is true or untrue. Cases of breach of privacy this firm has dealt with (and most likely is dealing with as you read) include breach of privacy in relation to information about one's sexual preferences, family life, alleged affairs, alleged political preferences, alleged conduct or behaviour in private, alleged information, which had been passed on and alleged background. If, for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable about information which is either already published or which is about to be published, this is most likely because the information is private in nature. Breach of privacy is the favourite activity of tabloid journalists who thrive on sansationalism. It is also one of the favourite ways of venting frustration by angry and disgruntled lovers or by jealous competitors. If publication of your private information makes you feel uncomfortable, it means that the matter involves breach of privacy, which means we can stop the publication. We know this because many clients of this firm are private individuals who happened to be associated with people who are in the public eye. Just because you are associated with someone who is in the public eye does not mean you should be subjected to breach of privacy. In fact, we can stop publication of an article which mutations you, even if you are not the main character in the story. Because this firm is so niche, we are trusted by individuals who often hesitate to turn to one of the main-steam law firm. We operate a tight ship with confidentiality regime which is founded on military principles. We act fast and to the point and do this all heartedly. Call Yair Cohen on 0207 183 413 or send a message to helpoine(at)

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