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Remove criminal convictions from Google 08 November 2018

Jurisdiction: United States Remove criminal record from the internet

Articles removed from: Google searches

Date of removal: 08 November 2018

Number of news articles removed: 4

Our client was convicted in 2009 for a serious public order offence, involving a touching another person in a manner which the victim considered sexual.

He received a community punishment order and was placed on the sex offenders register for a period of 3 years. In 2018, with his conviction considered as spent, he had made an application to Google to remove a news articles which appeared on the Google refused, citing the serious nature of the offence. Our right to be forgotten lawyers prepared a second right to be forgotten to Google.

Swiftly, Google agreed to the de-listing of the news articles which related to the previous conviction. However, despite this, it appeared that Google online de-listed two out of three news articles. The most serious one remained accessible through Google search.

After further discussions with Google, Google de-listed all the news articles from, but only from the English version. It took further communications between our right to be forgotten lawyers and Google before Google completely de-listed the entire list of news articles concerning our client’s previous conviction.

We highly recommend that when contacting Cohen Davis about a right to be forgotten applications, you ask for a fixed fee. A fixed fee would usually cover all the work done on your matter as it could varied from case to case.  


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