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Remove my name from Google

Remove your name from Google where your name is linked to unwanted images or videos

How to remove your name from Google

There are different ways you can remove your name from Google search results. The most appropriate way to go about removing your name from Google would depend on the nature of the information that is being posted and the platform which hosts it.  You may remove your name from Google if your name is linked to data which is either defamatory or which is in breach of any law.

Remove your name from Google because your name is linked to defamatory content

Remove your name from Google because your name links to private information

Remove your name from Google under data protection laws

Remove your name from Google where your name is linked to unwanted images or videos

Remove your name from Google because your name is linked to defamatory content

Usually, Google will not object to having your name removed from search results, if the article in question, or if the snippets that show on the search result are defamatory. Whilst Google is not in position to decide what is defamatory and what is not, it is your responsibility to substantiate your claim of defamation and you can do so either by showing that the search results that Google presents are defamatory, or that they are highly inaccurate, in accordance with data protection laws.

In some cases, you will be able to remove your name from Google because a search for your name brings up search results that are in fact refer to somebody else. It is possible, for example, that if you share your name with a notorious criminal, Google will agree to remove certain search results if you can show that you are being highly prejudiced by the link between your name and the search result that comes up.

This will be difficult to do but not impossible and Google agreement or refusal to remove your name from the search results would depend on the particular circumstances of your case.

Remove your name from Google because your name links to private information

If the information that Google brings up in searches to your name is not defamatory, it might still be able to have it removed if the information that is being presented is private information. What is considered private information for the purpose of having your name removed from Google searches, might be subjected to a debate.

Some private information is clearly private whilst other information might be private but this might not be so obvious to Google. In some cases, information which was public previously might become of private nature subsequently. An example might be a spent criminal conviction.

At the same time, private information might cease to become private if you decided to place it in the public domain. In short, for the purpose of wishing to remove your name from Google, information can move from being private to public and from public to private.

Remove your name from Google under data protection laws

You might be able to remove your name from Google under the Data Protection Act or GDPR. There are rules for the way Google can process your data and if you believe that your name should be removed from Google searches because Google is breaching any of your rights under data protection laws, it is your responsibility to make out the case to Google.

You may use European data protection laws, privacy laws and defamation under the same application to Google to have your name removed from internet searches.

Remove your name from Google where your name is linked to unwanted images or videos

If the information that you wish to remove from Google, or if your name is linked to images or videos, which perhaps in the past you were happy for Google to present but now you feel uncomfortable with, you may still utilise data protection law, privacy law and copyright law to request that Google removes your name in relation to those images or videos or that Google completely delist the media from searches in relation to your name.

Whatever the reason is for your need to have your name removed from Google, you should seek legal advice whenever possible. Our lawyers are experts in facilitating removal of unwanted data from the internet. Browse our website for free information, guidance and case studies similar to yours and contact us by email or a free call for additional support.

Remove my name from Google
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  • “I instructed Cohen Davis on a very complicated matter of online harassment campaign against myself together with a large group of people. It involved hundreds of internet posts targeting large number of individuals. We needed an harassment injunction to stop the publication of private information about us on the internet.
    I am a lawyer myself but deal with a different area of law altogether. One of the main reasons we decided to instruct a firm such as Cohen Davis is that they were the only law firm we found who has an efficient system that is designed to handle large scale online harassment campaigns.
    The firm was undeterred by the scale, any difficulties or challenges along their way and their client care was fantastic. You can contact them 24/7.
    They gave us all rounded advice on privacy, defamation, harassment and PR as the online harassment campaign against us affected our businesses too.
    The firm is definitely highly knowledgeable of internet law here in England and in other countries, they are practical and are totally focused on getting the job done regardless of the many challenges along the way. Yair Cohen is very knowledgeable of anything to do with the internet. He understands both people and computers and how the two interact with one another.
    He has a unique ability to explain matters very clearly, even complicated technical issues, which helped us make the right decisions throughout the case.
    The firm has delivered excellent outcomes to us and helped us deal with a huge problem that other firms we approached didn’t really understand.
    The mental and emotional support Cohen Davis gave us is second to none and I will always remember and appreciate it.
    SG and family,


  • “I would like to very deeply thank Yair, Louise and Adam for giving my family, in particular my sons a more stress free normal life. It is a great weight of my shoulders not to have people pre judge me and my family through reading the search results in Google, which created the wrong image about what sort of person I was, and tainted the integrity of my family members. Thank you and your team so very much for giving us our lives back. I will always be grateful for the very professional way the team handled my right to be forgotten case, I cannot express adequately in words the peace of mind and freedom you have given to my family. thank you once again.

    Kindest Regards "



  • “I was directed to the Cohen Davis Team from another defamation lawyer in the USA who stated that he had seen a presentation by this group and felt that they had the know-how to deal with the particulars of my situation. Taking their advice, I contacted Cohen Davis. From moment one, the lawyers and their staff were courteous and attentive. I felt heard and understood every step of the way. They stayed in contact every step of the way and guided me with care. This was incredible considering that I was retaining their services all the way from the USA and we had a huge time zone gap to deal with. I hope never to need their services again but I would recommend them without hesitation."
    E Perez,
    New York, USA


  • Removing allegations of sexual offences from GoogleJurisdiction: United Kingdom

    Pages removed from: Google searches (The Bury Times)

    Date of removal: 19 April 2016

    Number of web pages removed:1

    Additional information: Our client was falsely accused of a sexual offence and acquitted many years ago. However, an ongoing publication on the topic continued to have an enormously detrimental effect on our client's life. Our privacy solicitors successfully communicated with Google and facilitated the removal of an article from search results, which had previously appeared as the second natural search result on searching our client’s name.

  • Jurisdiction: United State, Californiaright to be forgotten solicitor removal from searches

    Pages removed from: Google searches

    Date of removal: 07 October 2015

    Number of search results removed from Google: 2

    Additional information: Our defamation solicitors removed 2 search results from Google searches in relation to 14 search phrases. 


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