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Disclosure Orders

Website disclosure orders

You can obtain disclosure from nearly any website operator and/or domain name registrar. Our firm specialises in obtaining disclosure orders from website operators and from domain registrars who operate from different jurisdictions. In nearly all cases, we have been successful in securing disclosure orders for our clients regardless of the location of the website, blog or social media platform.

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Obtain disclosure from website operators

Obtain disclosure from a UK website operator

Obtain disclosure from US website operators

Obtain disclosure of domain name owners

Obtain disclosure of online harassers

Obtain disclosure from website operators

Over the past 25 years, we have developed special working relationships with internet law attorneys from many parts of the world. Often, together with our international network of local attorneys, we obtain disclosure orders from website operators, through local courts at lower costs and higher speed.

When our clients require disclosure orders from various website operators in the United States, which are located in different states, we are often able to file a claim and a disclosure subpoena in a single court and then have the subpoena domesticated throughout the United States.

This process often results in high speed and lower costs in obtaining various disclosure orders from different websites where the disclosures are required as part of a single claim.

Obtain disclosure from UK website operator

We always plan and coordinate the different needs to obtain various disclosure orders from UK website operators, in a way that is aimed to produce an optimum outcome for our clients.

Because of our long-term experience in obtaining disclosure orders from website operators in the UK, we can tell, in many cases, what information each website operator has in their possession and how to approach the website operators so that they will co-operate with our disclosure application.

In nearly all cases, we do that groundwork before we get to court, which helps reduce the costs to our clients and to have a smooth third-party disclosure hearing at court.

Obtain disclosure from US website operators

Disclosure orders from website operators in the US should be handled with care and in a way that will not end up being counterproductive to the applicant. There are website operators in the US who are keen to protect their anonymous users’ identities and who will therefore contest most disclosure applications on the grounds of free speech.

Navigating through the various legal processes in the different states in the US could be a challenging task to the unfamiliar foreign litigant. We have a trusted record when it comes to obtaining disclosure from US website operators, which makes Cohen Davis a preferred internet law specialist UK law firm for UK based individuals and companies who wish to obtain disclosure orders through the American courts.

Obtain disclosure of domain name owners

It is possible for individuals to register domain names under a pseudonym and with very few verifiable details, a fact which often makes it nearly impossible to track down someone who registered a domain name for the purpose of defaming or harassing an individual or a company.

Exposing the registered owner of a particular domain name is often a challenge that even a local court is unable to overcome. Depending on the registrar’s location, we can challenge the validity of a domain name registration in various ways, including through local courts, through internet service providers, and through Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Obtain disclosure of online harassers

Online harassers often prefer to hide behind a pseudonym but even in cases that lasted for over 13 years of online harassment, we have been able to identify and locate the individuals harassing our clients.

We facilitate the disclosure of online harassers by carrying out covert and open investigator work and by pursuing various legal avenues, which may include obtaining disclosure orders through courts in the UK and around the world and then tracking down the whereabouts of the online harasser, to bring him or her to justice.

How do I get legal advice in USA

How do I get legal advice in USA

Legal representation in the US and other foreign jurisdictions

If you're facing international internet law issues, such as cross border online harassment, trolling, loss of social media accounts, copyright infringement or if you need to get legal advice in USA for any internet law related matter, rest assured that understanding your unique situation is our top priority. We're here to offer tailored support and expert advice, ensuring you receive effective and empathetic legal representation in any foreign jurisdiction.

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Disclosure from US companies and website operators

Disclosure from USA websites and companies

How to obtain disclosure from a website operator if you live outside the United States

Numerous strategies exist for obtaining disclosure from a website, online platform, or company based in the United States. It is difficult to find an attorney who is highly experienced in securing disclosure orders from the US at speed and in a cost-effective way.

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Questions about Norwich Pharmacal Order

Questions about Norwich Pharmacal Order

All you need to know about Norwich Pharmacal Orders

Norwich Pharmacal Orders are a legal mechanism used in the UK for obtaining information from a third party involved in wrongdoings or unlawful activities. This legal remedy, named after the landmark case of Norwich Pharmacal v Customs and Excise Commissioners, is widely used in various litigation cases, ranging from intellectual property disputes to cybercrime investigations. However, despite its frequent usage, the Norwich Pharmacal Order remains shrouded in mystery and confusion amongst many legal practitioners and individuals.

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Disclosure orders in financial crimes

Disclosure orders in financial crimes

How to find out the identity of online criminals

Financial crimes online have become more prevalent and sophisticated with the rise of digital technology. Countless people have suffered losses at the hands of cybercriminals who operate anonymously, making it challenging to track them down.

Norwich Pharmacal orders have been an instrumental tool in the legal system to assist people who have been victims of online financial crimes. This order compels third parties that have information to reveal the identity of cybercriminals who engage in illegal activities online. The challenge, however, for the victims of the crimes, is obtaining a Norwich Pharmacal order fast and cost effectively.

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Affordable 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) applications

Affordable 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) applications

28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) applications are no longer just for the rich

The process of gathering evidence in internet law international litigation can be a complex and costly task. One way to reduce the burden of cost is through the use of 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a), which allows parties in a foreign proceeding to obtain discovery in the United States.

However, the costs associated with this process can often exceed the benefits, rendering it impractical for many parties. We are very proud of our team who managed to turn applications under 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) from super-expensive into the far more affordable procedure it is now for our UK clients and for our clients from all over the world, despite the inherent complexities and costs associated with the process.

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Advice on 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) discovery applications

Advice on 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) discovery applications

28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) made easy

Given the global nature of the internet, there is a constant need for various court orders to be domesticated in foreign jurisdictions. Many social media companies, domain name registrars, servers and gaming platforms are located in the US. This makes obtaining disclosure by a non-US individual from those platforms a challenging task even for experienced lawyers.

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Low Cost Norwich Pharmacal Order Service

Low Cost Norwich Pharmacal Order Service

Affordable Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) Service

Norwich Pharmacal Orders (NPOs) are a type of order which can be obtained from the High Court. They are frequently used in cases where confidential information is held by a third party and is needed in order to bring proceedings against another party, for example where someone has been the victim of online harassment.

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Google disclosure request

Google disclosure request

A full guide to Google disclosure requests

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Norwich Pharmacal Order

Social media disclosure orders

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