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Norwich Pharmacal Order

Norwich Pharmacal Order

How to obtain a social media Norwich Pharmacal Order

The objective of obtaining a Norwich Pharmacal Order in the context of internet and social media law is often to facilitate the removal of the defamatory reviews or posts from social media platforms.

Social media Norwich Pharmacal Order

How to obtain a social media Norwich Pharmacal Order

What to do after you obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order

Social media Norwich Pharmacal Order

Often Google online reviews which are posted by an anonymous Google user, are both, defamatory and maliciously false. In some cases, there will be a large number of anonymous Google online reviews, not all of which are defamatory on the face of it. However, the negative Google reviews, which fall short of being defamatory when standing on their own, when considered together with the defamatory ones, might also be considered defamatory if they are found the be part of the same ongoing online reputation attack against the business. Sometimes the context and the innuendo of an online review could create a defamatory meaning when considered as a whole, in the wider context.

For this reason, you can obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order even for reviews that contain one star, or which contain comments which are negative but are not necessarily defamatory, but which you suspect had been posted by the same anonymous Google user.

How to obtain a social media Norwich Pharmacal Order

Our unique process for obtaining a speedy Norwich Pharmacal Order starts with communication with Google with requests to assist us in obtaining information about the Google user/s who posted the defamatory and the other negative online reviews. At the same time, we send Google an approved draft disclosure order and will request Google to remove the reviews and perhaps to notify the Google user that we are in the process of identifying them.

This will send a clear message to the reviewer of our intention and from our experience, this is often sufficient to prompt Google and the reviewer to remove the defamatory review. Otherwise, we will continue with our application to the court for a Norwich Pharmacal Order.

What to do after you obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order

If the disclosure order reveals defunct information, we will proceed to apply for a default judgment against “persons unknown” which, if successful, will mean that Google will have to remove the defamatory reviews if they haven't already done so.

If, on the other hand, the Norwich Pharmacal Order reveals the identity of real individuals, we will consult with our client and together decide as to the next step, depending on who the reviewer is and what is the motivation behind their posts. It is very rare that we end up having to pursue an individual reviewer all the way to the court as matters nearly always tend to get resolved earlier.

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