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Every situation is different so by far the best way to find out how to respond to a social media legal issue is to speak to those who are most likely to have dealt with a situation similar to yours.
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Legal advice for online harassment

Legal advice for online harassment

Why you should choose to pay for specialist legal advice

We believe that clients deserve the utmost respect, attention and dedication. Internet law related issues tend to be sensitive and complex and the way such issues are dealt with, is likely to have massive implications on the well-beings of those involved.

Specialist legal advice on internet law related matters

We give you value for money 

You give others legal support

Specialist legal advice on internet harassment

Clients get in touch with us because they require serious legal advice.

Our clients are looking for specialist advice, about what to do and what not do in relation to their online harassment matter. Our clients often want to find out what the future might bring if they did or did not embark a particular path, in terms of the way in which they decide to resolve their online harassment matter.

Whilst we cannot predict the future, our advice is often comprehensive and it takes into account our experience in handling similar matters in the past. To be able to provide you with the quality of legal advice that you are expecting from us, we must not rush, but instead take in the information slowly to make sure we fully understand complex issues and any relevant details. Therefore, consultations very rarely last for less than an hour and often they can go on for much longer. The conversations are barely ever about “how much does this cost” but are rather about what course of action would best suit you and, your personal and your financial circumstances. Each case is different and each client deserves full attention to their matter. 

We give you value for money

It is impossible to provide advice on harassment, which is often an ongoing matter, in a 15 minutes quick chat. In fact, a rushed consultation can be misleading and the advice given could be missing important ingredients and elements that could make all the difference. We believe that our clients are far better off paying for an expert initial consultation rather than getting a 15 minute ‘freebie’ from a local lawyer who is unlikely to have the speciality and experience needed.

Still, we have worked hard to make the initial consultations as affordable as possible and to make sure that they provide great value for money for our clients. We look at each of the issues our clients are facing holistically with a focus on a satisfactory outcome.

On average, each consultation we deliver takes approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes from beginning to end. We value transparency, so below there is a breakdown of how we invest our time in preparing and providing initial legal advice

  • 30 minutes of preparation for our consultation with you
  • 1 hour and 15 minutes in a meeting/consultation with you
  • 1 hour and 10 minutes in follow up, including brain storming and follow up research
  • 20 minutes of internal discussions among the team, stemming from the experience of members of our team in handling similar matters to yours
  • 30 minutes of preparation of an initial strategy and the drafting of a legal advice letter, which we send to you to summarise the main issues and our advice to you
  • 35 minutes in follow up engagement with the matter including answering any questions that you might have following to consultation and the receipt of the advice letter
  • We invest this time happily and with full content, with the knowledge that what you end up with is the best personalised legal advice in the country about online harassment. Considering the time that we invest in a consultation, in many cases, our clients are able to take steps to resolve the matter without having to incur any more costs

You give others legal support

From each consultation fee that we receive, we immediately deduct an average of 5% of the total amount which we place into our charitable fund, The Cohen Davis Foundation.

The charitable fund allows us to deliver the same quality legal advice to individuals who are unable to afford paying for our services, often homeless or with no access to funds, for absolutely free. So whenever you book a consultation with us, you know that you are also assisting a fellow human being who like you, has been suffering from online harassment. To book a consultation about your online harassment matter, call us for free on 0800-612-7211.

We look forward to assisting you. Click below for more information about our initial consultations including how much they cost.

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