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Every situation is different so by far the best way to find out how to respond to a social media legal issue is to speak to those who are most likely to have dealt with a situation similar to yours.
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Internet defamation lawyers

Internet defamation lawyers

How to choose a defamation lawyer

If your case involves online defamation, you deserve to have a real social media lawyer, an expert who is highly qualified but who is also experienced in handling internet legal related issues, who is internet and SEO savvy and who is commercially aware. If you feel that your defamation matter requires a solicitor who specialises in internet defamation and who can offer you far more than a limited legal view of your situation, but who will rather guide you through all the various options which are available to you, then you should seriously consider getting in touch with us.

Experience with a defamation solicitor

All-round approach to online reputation management

Why choose Cohen Davis Solicitors

Experience with a defamation solicitor

Our experience becomes valuable to you because there is a very good chance that we have already successfully solved similar issues to yours, which means we will be able to take you directly to where you need to go and along the way save you a great deal of time and money. Our internet lawyers have a proven track record of success in facilitating the removal of thousands of defamatory web pages from the internet.

Our work has been featured throughout the media, being the first to obtain injunctions and disclosure orders against social media and interview companies and having had the privilege to create numerous breakthroughs in the fields of internet and media law. Our solicitors are the first in the UK to take out injunctions against companies such as Google, Facebook, MoneySavingExpert, Youtube and Instagram. 

Many of our lawyers have a technical background and understand the psychology of the internet inside and out. All our lawyers at Cohen Davis, are highly technically aware which means we can deal with your internet law related case straight away. Our internet lawyers and support staff are very helpful and are always willing to help, to advise and to support.

All-round approach to online reputation management

We believe in an all-round approach to online reputation management, which intends to empower you to make informed decisions and to acquire a deeper understanding of the problem you are facing on the internet and the various solutions to it. Whichever defamation removal method you end up choosing, your good reputation and your positive PR will always sit at the heart of our attention. 

We are committed to a level of excellence and thoroughness, which you may not easily find elsewhere. You can speak to us freely about your situation, no matter how serious it is or how embarrassed you might feel about the events that brought it about. We will never prejudge you and we will always give you a solution that is most likely to improve your situation.

Why choose Cohen Davis Solicitors

Our clients entrust us with their online defamation matters because we are specialists in our field. Our clients tend to search for internet law solicitors with experience, who will passionately pursue their goals and who will always keep the end goal in sight.They trust us as their internet lawyers to  give them strategic advice on internet defamation and defamation law, and to provide reliable advice, which is based on practical experience and which goes far beyond a law school textbook.

When it comes the the international dimension of internet law. Our defamation solicitors are experts in handling defamation law cases which involve multiple jurisdictions, including the USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, Spain, Poland Germany. We have a wide range network of internet defamation law lawyers and attorneys from many countries in the world, all of whom understand the technical side of how internet search engines work in addition to their local defamation law.

What you should expect from our defamation lawyers

As a client of Cohen Davis, you should expect:

  • Fair and transparent billing which is based on value and expertise rather than on hourly rates, and which allows us all to get on with the task at hand as quickly as possible. 
  • Fixed fees when dealing with most internet law matters, including litigation, to give you certainty and clarity as to costs.
  • Straightforward and highly practical advice followed by clear and decisive action.
  • Creative alternatives to expensive litigation.
  • Clear and effective communication with you with technical and legal matters made simple.
  • Giving you full control of your case with 24/7 access to your file using our highly secure App, through your PC, smart phone or tablet. You can see it it all as it happens. 
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