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How to remove a review from has previously acknowledged that 20 percent of the online reviews on its platform might be fake online reviews. Whilst for this may be nothing more than a few statistics, for many business owners who find themselves victims of fake reviews on, removing those fake reviews about their business is often a matter of survival.

How to prove that an online review on is fake

How to prove who is posting fake online reviews

What to do if your business becomes a victim of fake reviews on

How to prove that an online review on is fake

Fabricated stories on are often made to sound credible when they are saturated with detailed information about a perceived real experience suffered by the average person whilst shopping at a store or dining at a restaurant. Those detailed online reviews are often posted by professional reviews writers, who are paid to create fake online reviews, which look completely genuine. It has been proven that at least a fifth of the reviews on are fake reviews.

The real number, however is likely to be much higher, perhaps in the region of 40 percent of all online reviews. This is based on our close analysis of hundreds of online reviews, both positive and negative, that have been posted on, apparently by genuine consumers. A close analysis of some of those online reviews would often reveal repetitive trends of style, language and use of vocabulary, that may indicate that the fake reviews have been posted by false consumers, and by companies that specialise in posting fake online reviews that are made to look and appear to be genuine.

Online Reputation Attack Response Legal Advice FAQ

Businesses can prove the authenticity of online reviews by analyzing the content for repetitive styles and linguistic patterns that may suggest they were created by professional review writers or companies specializing in crafting fake, yet seemingly genuine, reviews. In-depth analysis of these reviews often reveals inconsistencies that point to non-genuine consumer activities. has admitted to a significant number of fake reviews on its platform, acknowledging that their automated filtering system flags a large number of these reviews, suggesting that the issue is more widespread than initially thought. This admission followed research published by professors from Harvard Business School.

UK businesses victimized by fake reviews on can legally challenge the reviews. They may obtain a disclosure order to compel to reveal the identity of the reviewers. If the reviews are defamatory and the reviewers' identities cannot be disclosed, businesses can pursue legal action in the UK, potentially winning cases unopposed due to the lack of First Amendment protection for UK posters.

Despite's stance, which often discourages legal action, UK business owners are not without recourse. The majority of matters involving fake reviews on can be resolved without litigation, and business owners can obtain court orders for review removal. By following UK legal procedures, they can compel to provide the poster's details or to remove the fake review, under threat of losing in court for maintaining an anonymous defamatory review.

How to prove who is posting fake online reviews have admitted to thousands of fake reviews on its platform. They have admitted that their automated filtering system flags out huge numbers of fake reviews. They say that this proves that their automated filtering system works. However, many independent business owners in the US and a growing number in the UK are convinced that the number of fake reviews flagged by the automated filtering system is only the tip of the iceberg. The admission came only after the publication of a credible research by professors from Harvard Business School (,zervas_fake-it-till-you-make-it.pdf?sequence=1).

Whatever the real number of fake reviews is, if you are a victim and if you want to remove reviews from, the only maths that counts is the maths behind your depleting bank account. Whilst has accepted that there was a widespread problems of fake online reviews on its platform, has been inclined to place the blame for the posting of fake online reviews on business owners whilst ignoring the large amount of posting of fake online reviews by vindicative consumers, former disgruntled employees and competitors. The way to prove who is behind the posting of fake online reviews is by obtaining a disclosure order to compel to disclose the identity of the poster of the fake reviews.

What to do if your business becomes a victim of fake reviews on

It is possible to remove reviews from say that if the “computer says no” then there is nothing you can do about a fake review. offer a limited amount of legal advice which states that you should not even bother trying to have the fake reviews removed because this will not be in your best interest. According to, you and your business need to accept the consequences of the reviews, and if you feel that this is not fair, then tough. The fact that most fake online reviews are posted by or on behalf of competitors is neither here nor there. You should treat fake reviews like an act of God, with grace and acceptance.

However, whilst would do what they can to discourage victims of fake reviews from taking legal action against reviewers or indeed against itself, there is some good news for business owners in the UK. The vast majority of matters are resolved on without any litigation, so getting a court order to remove a review from without any opposition is often a straight-forward matter. UK posters of fake online reviews are not protected by the First Amendment because, broadly speaking, the American constitution only protects US citizens.

If your UK based business has become a victim of a fake online reviews on, you might be able to commence legal proceedings in the UK against the reviewer and even win your case unopposed. If you wish to find out the identity of the poster of a defamatory online reviews on, you will, in most cases, be able to obtain a disclosure order in the UK and have it domesticated in California. If you believe that you are a victim of fake online reviews, under UK laws, once you follow certain procedure, must give you the full name and a credible postal address of the poster of the fake review, or immediately remove the fake review from If they do not comply, they will not have a defence in law for an action for defamation and they will lose in court each time that they refuse to remove an anonymous review. This is the way the reason why most cases are won without opposition.

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