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Remove reviews from ReviewCentre

Remove review from Review Centre

How to remove a business review from ReviewCentre

If you wish to remove an online business review from ReviewCentre, you should get in touch with our solicitors who have previously successfully facilitated the deletion of dozens of online review on behalf of various types of UK businesses.

What is ReviewCentre

Is ReviewCenter liable for defamation

What is ReviewCentre

ReviewCentre is a UK based online review website. The website provides a platform for consumers to post online reviews about businesses, but many business owners have previously questioned whether the some of the online reviews posted on ReviewCentre are genuine. ReviewCentre is one of the largest and most influential business review websites in the UK.

Unfortunately, many reviews on ReviewCentre are fake with the majority being posted by or on behalf of competitors. The likelihood of us being able to facilitate the removal of fake and defamatory online reviews from ReviewCentre is high and to date all our attempts have been successful.

ReviewCentre & Online Reviews FAQ

ReviewCentre & Online Reviews FAQ

ReviewCentre is a prominent UK-based online review platform where consumers can post reviews about various businesses. It is one of the largest and most influential business review websites in the UK, providing consumers with the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions.

ReviewCentre, like other review platforms in the UK, can be held liable for defamatory content posted on its site. While many reviews on ReviewCentre are legitimate, the authenticity of some reviews is questionable as the site has not disclosed the measures it takes to filter fake reviews. Business owners can request the removal of defamatory reviews and may seek legal assistance if the site does not comply.

Legal attempts to remove fake and defamatory online reviews from ReviewCentre have been highly successful. Solicitors with experience in this area can facilitate the removal of such content, offering relief to businesses affected by these reviews.

There is a 12-month limitation period for taking legal action against fake online reviews. Acting swiftly is crucial, as beyond this period, it may become challenging to address the issue legally. A well-executed legal strategy can lead to court actions that result in the removal of fake reviews from review sites.

Is ReviewCenter liable for defamation

Like all online review websites in the UK, ReviewCentre might be liable to business owners in relation to defamatory online reviews posted on ReviewCentre website. Whilst many of the online reviews posted on ReviewCentre are genuine online reviews, it is difficult, in many cases, to ascertain whether a particular online review is a genuine review because ReviewCentre has not so far provided details as to what steps, if any, the website takes to filter out fake online reviews.

If you discover that your business has been subjected to a fake or a defamatory online review on ReviewCentre, you should ask the operators of the review website to have it immediately deleted. If your requests are ignored, or if the website operators fail to co-operate with your requests to remove reviews from ReviewCentre, contact our us and we will help. 

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