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How to deal with someone who is harassing you

How to deal with someone who is harassing you

The case of Lindsey Goldrick Dean who won her court case for harassment against her decade-long stalker

Lindsey Goldrick Dean's case highlights a severe example of long-term online harassment and defamation that spanned over a decade.

Table of content

Online and offline harassment

Legal challenges in taking the online harasser to court

Legal victory and psychological impact of the long-term harassment

Advice to other victims of harassment

Online and offline harassment

Initially sparked by a short-lived dating experience with Paul Curran, Lindsey's decision to end their interaction led to an extensive and relentless campaign of harassment. Curran deployed numerous invasive tactics: he established multiple websites under Lindsey’s name, filled them with explicit content, manipulated search engine results with Google ads linked to her name, and even sent disturbing packages to her family. This continuous barrage of online and offline harassment deeply affected Lindsey, severely impacting her sense of security and causing significant emotional distress.

Legal challenges in taking the online harasser to court

Lindsey’s case is one of the longest-running instances of internet trolling in the UK and shows the complex challenges in bringing an online harasser to court. A major issue was Curran's use of fake names and tools that kept him anonymous. These tactics made it hard to prove that he was behind the harassment, a common problem in cyber harassment cases. Additionally, Curran's life abroad brought further complications. His frequent travels and stays in other countries made it tricky to serve him with legal papers and raised questions about which country's laws would apply. This required careful handling of both UK and international laws, making the legal process longer and more complex. There were also strict legal deadlines to contend with.

The 12-month limit for filing defamation claims can be too short, especially if the harasser’s identity is hidden and only discovered later. Plus, the 6-year limit to start harassment claims, which begins when the harassment starts, can force victims to take legal action before they are ready.

These factors were compounded by the legal constraints within the current framework, notably the 12-month limitation period for filing defamation claims and the 6 years for harassment which starts running when the harassment began.

These challenges, while daunting for many, were precisely where our expert legal and investigation team at Cohen Davis excelled. Where other lawyers saw insurmountable difficulties, we saw an opportunity to make a difference. Driven by the challenge, our team was determined to win, leveraging our deep expertise and commitment to justice for victims of online harassment.

Legal victory and psychological impact of the long-term harassment

The prolonged legal and emotional battle eventually led to a landmark High Court victory for Lindsey, where she received acknowledgment of the wrongs done to her, an injunction, and damages, including her legal costs as she was aided by our firm on a no-win-no-fee basis. This victory was not just a significant personal triumph over her harasser; it also established a precedent that highlighted the seriousness of online harassment. Since her victory, Lindsey has become a pillar of support for many other victims of harassment. She has offered guidance and support to some of our clients who are pursuing similar legal battles to achieve victory against their stalkers or harassers. She has also written a book detailing her experiences and the lessons she learned.

Advice to other victims of harassment

The legal journey to Lindsey's victory, laden with significant challenges, unfolded against a backdrop of intense psychological pressure. Knowing this was her final chance to sever ties with her harasser, the stakes couldn't have been higher. Throughout the proceedings, her harasser continued his intimidation tactics through legal manoeuvres. This prolonged battle was not just about legal victory but also about psychological liberation—marking an end to a decade of documented harassment and stalking. Ultimately, her decisive win allowed Lindsey to close this painful chapter and begin anew, fortified by the knowledge that she had overcome her persecutor through the legal system.

If you are a victim of harassment or stalking, don't give up. Reach out to us at Cohen Davis. We fully grasp the complexities and challenges you face, which extend beyond legal battles to emotional and psychological struggles. We approach each client with empathy and respect, acknowledging the profound impact prolonged harassment can have. Our lawyers, who are among the most experienced online stalking and harassment solicitors in the country, are supported by an in-house open-source intelligence team that uses meticulous investigative techniques.

In some cases, we offer to act on a no-win-no-fee basis as we understand that financial burden is often what makes it impossible for victims of harassment to seek justice. As a client, you will also benefit from our support network of volunteers—former clients who have successfully navigated their own harassment or stalking cases with our help, ready to offer guidance and encouragem

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