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Why choose Cohen Davis solicitors

Why choose Cohen Davis solicitors

Social media lawyers and internet law specialists

Most of our clients are looking for an internet law and social expert law firm to give them sound legal advice, which is based on our lawyers’ real commitment to fully explore the legal issues that the internet present to real people.

The longest serving internet law firm in the UK

Passionate and experienced about the internet and the law

Experts in internet law. Dedicated to a single area of law

Straight talking, straight forward legal advice, straight to the point

The longest serving internet law firm in the UK

Our firm is the oldest internet law specialist law firm in the UK. We have been handling cases of internet defamation, online harassment and trademark for over 20 years. Our internet business section is committed to supporting start-ups with their legal needs and to help them grow until they are ready for a merger or an acquisition which our lawyers handle too.

Passionate and experienced about the internet and the law

To be committed to a single are of law, for so many years, takes huge amount of passion, which grows into an unparalleled experience.

Our lawyers’ passion to assist and support our clients, in an area of law, which has been the subject to a constant, rapidly growth, has resulted, over the years in their involvement with cutting edge legal cases that have created time and time again national, and in some cases, worldwide legal precedent. Always thinking outside the box, always working towards finding a solution and always passionately pursuing our clients’ goals

Experts in internet law. Dedicated to a single area of law

Our lawyers’ expertise in internet law, meant that we had to develop unique tools, to enable us and our clients process vast amount of data, including in some cases, thousands of web links, internet pages and social media posts. Those tools make our work possible, efficient and even easy in some cases. They also mean that we can handle challenging cases and cases which require a high level of speciality and indpept  evidential analyses. 

Our interactive project management App with SSL security (the same technology that is used for your online banking) make it possible for our lawyers to maintain constant communications with our clients at an exceptionally secure environment.

This is perfect of high-tech companies, for high security and confident work and for worldwide communication. Our clients can see exactly what we do, when we do it and how we do it. 24/7 on their PC, Tablet or mobile telephone.

Straight talking, straight forward legal advice, straight to the point

If you are looking for expert internet and social media lawyers who will be focused on solutions rather than on a process, it means you are likely to work well with our legal team. Our lawyers’ focus is always on the outcome, regardless of how complex things might seem from the outset.

If you are ready to take decisive action and prefer to arrive at the point where you can move on smoothly, with your life, with your business or with your plans, and if you want to do this fast and cost effectively, you are likely to find your new legal home with your specialist, award winning law firm.

There is a very good chance that we have already solved similar issues to yours, which means we will be able to take you directly to where you want to be and along the way save you a great deal of time and money. Our internet lawyers have a proven track record of success in facilitating the removal of hundreds of defamatory web pages from the internet.

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