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What is Internet Law?

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Internet law includes any legal issue related to the internet.

It might be private, commercial, technical, criminal, or some other branch of law. The important thing to remember is that the solicitor who handles it must have special knowledge of both the "deep web" and the back-end technology of the internet in order to meet their client's goals.

These could include e-commerce, search engines behaviour, e-communications, and branding.

Internet law requires a thorough and up-to-minute understanding of the fast-developing technologies that continuously create new legal issues for lawyers and judges to resolve.

Internet lawyers have a high level of technical skill, are incredibly internet savvy, and understand IT to a respectable degree.

Many also understand psychological profiling, particularly in relation to matters of internet defamation, stalking, trolling, and harassment.

They need to be able to advise their clients about potential adverse public reaction or brand damage as the result of certain legal moves, and offer alternatives to prevent it.

What Laws are Covered by Internet Law in the UK?

Defamation law

Privacy law
Harassment law (criminal harassment and civil harassmetn online)

Copyright law

Trademark law

Contract law

Jurisdiction law

Commercial law

 Criminal law

Communications law

What Other legal topics are Covered by internet law solicitors in the UK?

 Business law and online reviews on Google and on other review websites


Search engine behaviour and Search Engine Optimisation

Pay Per Click and other internet advertising

Email marketing


Marketing systems


Branding and market positioning


What is the International Application of UK Internet Law?

Although everyone sees exactly the same web pages all over the world, each country, and sometimes each state, has its own laws touching directly or indirectly on internet law.

To complicate things further, the matter of jurisdiction is anything but universal. The UK, for example, is willing to extend its jurisdiction to individuals and companies that operate overseas, whilst other countries take a much stricter approach to this matter. 


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