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Online Reputation Attacks: Under the Radar™

Reputation attackHave you experienced a reduction in sales lately? Maybe it’s due to the current economic climate, or maybe it’s because your marketing strategy has not been updated to reflect the global economic changes of the past few years. Maybe it’s a combination of those factors.

But there may be a third factor: an online reputation issue.

Is it possible that your business reputation is being damaged without you even knowing about it?

Indeed it is. Just because YOU searched for your business name on Google and couldn't find anything negative, that does not mean that your customers and leads see the same results. They might carry out a search from a different geographical location and see results vastly different from the ones Google suggested to you. They might use a different search engine, such as Yahoo or Bing. Perhaps there is a discussion on a social networking site or a review site relating to your business that did not appear during the internet search you conducted.

Often, a thorough, professional internet search can reveal some serious internet reputation issues that cannot be detected by the naked eye. For example, during a thorough, detailed internet search project, we conducted between 20 and 30 different searches in relation to a single search term within different timelines in a variety of locations. This type of internet search can alert you to what people in different parts of the country see when they search for your business, but more importantly, it reveals historic postings, which might not at present appear on the first pages of the search engines. Some of these posts may be very old, published on the internet 10 or 15 years ago.

Why should you be bothered with the presence of historic postings on the internet, postings which you are told no one is likely to see anyway?

The answer is simple: Internet content is recycled all the time. People who run websites for the sole purpose of displaying advertising are often too lazy to create their own original content. Instead, they find old content on the internet and then use it to drive traffic to their own website. As their website becomes content-rich, it attracts more traffic. That means that the historic postings about you or your business start to be viewed by more and more web users, which increases the prominence of the negative historic posts. That is why you must take steps to get rid of not only recent and relevant negative internet posts, but also old posts, which may currently have very little impact on your business, but could soon turn into a major commercial nightmare.

Don’t let it happen to you.

You can prevent the nightmare by ordering your own personalised Under the Radar™ full report, which will reveal both current and historic internet postings about you or your business. This can be done in complete confidence by the Internet Law Centre. This powerful and detailed report can only be commissioned by the directors of a company or by someone who is expressly authorised by them to commission such a report from us.

The Under the Radar™ report gives you detailed information on posts up to 35 years old. It is divided into different geographic areas to allow you to see which results people find about you in different locations of the country. An Under the Radar™ report is an essential tool to help you formulate your annual marketing strategy and help you aim your marketing resources in the right direction.


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