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Defamation lawyer in England

Defamation lawyer in England

Advice on defamation law in England

Defamation lawyers in England who work with clients in the U.S. For nearly 20 years, we have been specialising in English defamation law, and specifically in defamation law online. Our firm has been advising and acting for clients from all over the world, in particularly the US, in connection with defamation claims in England.

Why instruct Cohen Davis in international defamation cases

Why instruct a specialist defamation lawyer in England

Defamation lawyer in England, cost and budget

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Why instruct Cohen Davis in international defamation cases

Cohen Davis is a law firm, based in London, England that specialises in defamation law and particularly online defamation. The main reason why we are many of our clients are from the U.S. is our extensive experience in handling cross border defamation law cases and our ongoing work with U.S. defamation law firms. We have links and associations with nearly 100 U.S. law firms that specialist in different aspects of internet law. We work with U.S. defamation law attorneys from nearly every state in the U.S. which helps us obtain cross jurisdiction domestication of various court orders. In some cases, we work simultaneously with our U.S. associates on different aspects of defamation law cases, some of which require filing lawsuits or court applications in England. We also assist our U.S. colleagues in tracing defendants who are located in England, in officially serving legal documents on defendants in in obtaining disclosure orders against website operators and social media companies who operate in England and across Europe.

Why instruct a specialist defamation lawyer in England

As specialist defamation lawyers in England, we will be able to provide you and your attorney with legal assessment of jurisdictional matters and with legal advice on the different rules that apply to defamation law matters in England. We often advise on limitation (which can often be extended in England) and on enforcement of legal proceedings both in England and in the U.S. We recommend that your U.S. attorney drafts and serves defamation legal documents in accordance with English law and that your attorney seeks the active advice of a local English defamation lawyer in doing so, even if only on an ad hoc basis.

Defamation lawyer in England, cost and budget

The costs of instructing a defamation lawyer in England could vary, depending on the experience of the lawyer and the charging structure of the law firm. Strategic planning and good understanding of both English and U.S. defamation laws would help you keep legal costs to the absolute essentials, so as the types of communication systems that the law firm has. Our firm’s App, which gives our clients 24 hours access to all legal documents, communications and planning in their case, makes English/U.S. defamation case move very smoothly and cost effectively regardless of time zones. We operate a 24 hours service, which makes instructing us easy and cost effective. Both attorneys and their clients can join in the case and have 24 hours access to all documents, communications and legal discussions. You might work with us directly or through your U.S. attorney. So far as costs and fees are concerned, we are happy to have either the attorneys and their clients as our clients.

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Call us today to speak to our super friendly defamation lawyers. They have all been involved in cross jurisdiction defamation and most would have already worked with a U.S. attorney on at lease a few cases, some of which, would be high value. For a defamation lawyer, who is based in London, England and who will provide you and your attorney with ongoing, friendly and cost effective defamation legal advice, support and knowledge, to help you secure a successful outcomes, call us on +(44) 207 183 4123 or send us a message via our website.

Defamation lawyer in England
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