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Removing defamation from the internet

You've been dragged through the mud on the internet. Your reputation is being assaulted with vicious lies, and you don't even know who's telling them.

The situation is urgent, but what should you do? You do a little research but find conflicting advice: Hire an SEO expert! Hire a PR consultant! Talk to someone experienced in e-commerce sales! Get yourself a lawyer.

The truth is, removing defamation from the internet involves no single magic solution.

After many years of costly trial and error, here's what I discovered: Only one trick will secure you the best opportunity to remove defamation from the internet from public view, and this trick is called EXPERIENCE. Believe me when I tell you this. I am a lawyer!

Get your strategy wrong and you will be doomed for a very very long time.

With online defamation, just when you think that things cannot possibly get worse - they suddenly do.

Anonymous Internet DefamationAnonymous Internet Defamation

"In most cases the defamation on the internet is anonymous, and we will have to obtain details of the identity of the defamer by asking the Internet Service Provider, the forum owner, or the blogger. It is crucial that these requests be made skilfully and tactfully to enhance the likelihood of the information being provided, quickly and cheaply."

Can I remove defamation from the internet with search engine optimisation?

Many "webpage removal specialists" offer to fix your reputation or to hide defamation from the search results by using search engine optimisation (SEO).  SEO is a series of techniques that companies use to try and make their websites appear on first pages of internet search results.

It is largely a promotional tool which, if used knowledgeably, can bring almost any business tons of success.

Search engine optimisation is good medicine to cure temporary marketing problems. But when it comes to a bad and rapidly spreading case of infectious defamation and bad reviews, SEO will have its limits. 

Removing defamation from the internet is much more difficult than promoting a website. Some bad web pages could be very stubborn.

Can defamatory web pages be removed by a defamation lawyer? 

Yes. In most cases. With legal action we can make web pages completely disappear.

We give paramount consideration to the short and to the long term effects that legal proceedings will have on your business and help you develop clear and coherent strategies to achieve your goals.  

Removing defamation from the internet 

Anonymous Internet DefamationRemove.

"Once we establish the identity of the publisher of the defamatory web pages, we contact them as well as any other individuals or organisations which we believe have power and control over the defamatory website or blog.

This includes the administrator of the website, the technical contact, the copyright holder and in some cases the advertisers. We make them all aware of their potential legal liabilities and we encourage them to take steps to remove the defamatory material without delay.

This normally results in the complete removal of the defamatory internet web pages."

Can you remove defamation from the internet by negotiation?

Yes. And we can help you negotiate with the devil himself if that is the best solution for you, and there are times when it is. 

“Occasionally we negotiate where others have given up before even trying. Often we negotiate the removal of defamatory websites and internet posts in the dark, in the faceless, nameless and shameless shady alleys of the internet.”

“You have to tread very carefully, but our experience helps us through, because we use our senses, our gut feeling and our deep knowledge of the virtual world to help our client solve a very painful problem.”

Defamation lawyer

 Is it possible to turn negative web pages into good PR?

Yes. The internet is a soft spot for every business in the UK.  Some people read defamatory reviews and then develop an objection to doing business with you. Outstanding sales people are those who manage to overcome every single objection that their prospects put to them.

With the right strategy it is possible to turn weakness into strength and significantly improve the image of a company. Successful businesses and individuals know this secret already. Sometimes, if a rock is too hard to crack you might as well put your hands down and just walk around it.

Why is it urgent to speak to a defamation lawyer when you discover defamation on the internet?

Anonymous Internet DefamationSpeed.

"As soon as you discover that someone is defaming you or your business on the internet, it is important to act swiftly.

First, gather as much evidence--Internet Protocol addresses, identities, and contact details - as soon as possible before they disappear. Secondly, you want to get the defamatory information down before Google or other search engines puts it into their search results.

It might take Bing, for example, a few weeks or even months to index defamatory webpages. But once it has done so, it will also take weeks or months for the system to remove the pages, which means you must operate within windows of opportunity.

Once a defamatory website or blog post has been indexed by search engines, people searching for your business may find results showing snippets of defamatory comments -even if the postings by that time have been taken off the internet."

It seems there are several avenues for solving internet defamation. How do I know which way to turn to have the defamation against me removed from the internet?

We GUARANTEE that when you speak to us, we will talk to you about all the different methods that exist to have defamation removed from the internet. It will then become much easier for you to make an informed decision as to which route to take.

If you then decide to go and speak to the other types of experts, you will do this from a position of knowledge and strength.

Anonymous Internet DefamationUrgency.

“If you discover that someone is defaming you or your business on the internet, you must act swiftly.

Gather as much evidence as possible. Move quickly to obtain advice on removal before the search engines start to link to the page in search results.

Some search engines take a few months before they index new web pages and start matching them to search words.

Once the defamatory internet or blog pages are indexed by the search engines, people searching for your name or for your business may find results showing snippets of defamatory comments even if the postings have been taken down!”

Why does it seem so hard to obtain the right advice about removing defamation from the internet?

The simple answer is that it is difficult to identify the right expert for the job. The lawyer tells you that you should get some letters out, the search engine optimisation guy swears to you that he will solve your problem with search engine optimisation, and the PR and marketing guru advises you to push harder with Twitter and Facebook posts, and perhaps with fresh content for your website.

So who is right?

They all are. They are all giving you the best advice they can, but from a different angle.

Where can I get fast, honest and unbiased advice about removing defamation from the internet?

If you have read this far, you have already become more informed on the subject of internet defamation. You can already make better decisions.

You are welcome to call now, book your 90-minute consultation with us, and discover the most effective solution for you and for your business. We will have plenty of time to go over everything to make sure you make a fully-informed decision.

We guarantee that we will discuss your specific issue in detail , and if you are on a budget or rushed for time, our thorough, comprehensive, and efficient approach will prove a major advantage in moving matters forward as quickly as possible.

We guarantee that the solicitor advising you will be 100 percent impartial, with no bias towards any particular solution to your internet defamation problem.

We will share with you our most up-to-date, proven experience gained from developing and testing all sorts of solutions to internet defamation issues. We will carefully work out the most effective solution to YOUR defamation issue, taking account of YOUR pressures, working with YOUR budget and in accordance with YOUR short and long term goals.

Is speaking to you very expensive?

The cost for a consultation of up to 90 minutes is only £369 all inclusive and we will save you much more by pointing you in the right direction to make sure you use your financial resources wisely.

"My mind was totally at rest when I emerged from Yair's office because I knew I had received great advice from a thorough professional."

"I received advice from Yair Cohen about a matter involving a very devious person who was giving me a lot of stress.

Yair very swiftly and incisively identified the key issues involved, showed me what I needed to do to defend myself, and in less than an hour I had the exact tools I needed to deal with the matter.

The end result was that after a year of headaches, my matter was resolved. My mind was totally at rest when I emerged from Yair's office because I knew I had received great advice from a thorough professional.

Alice Wickham.


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