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domain name security

This was the subject of an email received by David Walsh, who had both his company’s and his personal domain names stolen in 2011.

He had a long, painful struggle before the domains were finally returned to him.

Domain ownership is a subject many business owners know very little about. In most instances, the purchase and the registration of domains is left to the web designers who set up the company’s website.

Wrong domain registration makes it easier for the domain name to be lost or stolen, particularly when access to the domain control panel is left to the exclusive privilege of the web designer.

What if the web designer’s internal security processes are not as tight as they should be? What if the web designer goes out of business, or for whatever other reason is no longer able to operate the account?

If your domain names are registered to the name of the web designer, it will be a real struggle for you to recover them if any of the events I described above or other common problems occur.

It is almost like having your home registered in the land registry to the name of the person who built it.

To check if your domain name is registered to you or to your company, simply type the domain address below.

In the results, you will see various contact details. The most important information is in relation to the “Registrar”. If your name or your company’s name is not the Registrar, then you are not the registered owner the domain, which means you might want to read more about how to facilitate the transfer of a domain name.


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