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The most significant concern for company executives today is over reputational risk. Many feel that they have increasingly less control over public perception particularly due to the growing power of social media. Understanding why, how and when social media becomes a decisive factor in consumers’ purchasing decision helps company executives better identify and manage reputational risks to the brand or product or to them personally.

We provide various courses and presentations dedicated to company executives in different sectors. How much does a company director need to know about social media and internet law? The answer is ‘as much as possible’.

This is why many executive directors make it their business to investigate, learn and understand social media and internet law. Good understanding will help you approach the challenges the internet presents from a position of leadership and control.

Most company directors are likely in the future to ask themselves questions such as:

What errors should I avoid when interacting with customers on social media?

Should social media have an impact on my day to day decisions?

How can we risk manage social media?

Is it wise to allow employees to blog and tweet about our company?

How can we identify, as early as possible, signs of online reputation crisis?

Why do I find professional advice on social media and internet law so confusing?

Who should we listen to; our PR consultants? Our marketing agency?

Or perhaps our legal advisor? And what are the long term implications of each choice that we make?

As an unexpected online reputation crisis can devastate the financial stability of a company, some lenders, investors and other stakeholders are already asking organisations to undertake ‘online reputation risk management’ exercises as part of the usual assessment of the financial stability of the organisation. We can help you understand social media and internet law to put you in the driving seat.

We offer a variety of learning platforms on social media and internet law for company executives including board meetings, presentations, one on one private learning sessions and half and full day workshops. To find out more how Cohen Davis can provide tailored made social media and online reputation management training to your executives contact us here.

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