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Every situation is different so by far the best way to find out how to respond to a social media legal issue is to speak to those who are most likely to have dealt with a situation similar to yours.
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Legal advice with guarantee

The Initial Consultation Money Back Guarantee offer is a unique feature of the service that our law firm offers. It aligns very well with our goals and values, both as individuals and professional people.

Why offer a money back guarantee legal advice

What is covered by the Money Back Guarantee

How to book an initial consultation

Why offer a Money Back Guarantee legal advice

The Money Back Guarantee initial consultation is the right choice for you if you are seeking high quality legal advice with an expert lawyer as opposed to a rushed free call. We offer a money back guarantee on all our initial consultations as a reflection of our commitment to our client to add value and to help them improve their situation.

Having the understanding, the knowledge and the legal know-how about a difficult situation and the potential solutions to it, goes hand in hand with giving you control over it and in placing you in a good position to make strong informed decisions. This is the aim of the initial consultation and we guarantee to give this value to you.

Whilst a fair number of our clients approach us after they have already obtained free legal advice from other lawyers, they all tend to value, twice as much, the information, the confidence and the knowledge that they receive from our specialist internet lawyers during the initial consolation. Professional people sometimes offer initial free advice with a hope that they will capture you as a full paying client later on and lawyers are no different.  There is nothing wrong with this as long as you, as an individual with an urgent issue to resolve, understand the score.

With our full Money Back Guarantee consultation on the other hand, we guarantee to give you valuable and practical advice that you can take with you anywhere you want. We give advice to other lawyers, so that they can pass it on to their own clients, to CEOs, to marketing executives, and even, in some cases to the police. And we always guarantee value.

What is covered by the Money Back Guarantee

Our Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee gives you an unlimited in time conversation with an expert social media lawyer. The aim of the initial consultation is to help you understand the issue that you are facing and to help you consider a variety of solutions to it.

Whilst we might be unable to completely solve the issue for you during the initial consultation, your lawyer will certainly add value to you with information, knowledge experience and strategies that the lawyer will be sharing with you, capitalising on over 25 years of experience the lawyers in the firm have.

In the unlikely event that following your consultation you did not feel that we added at least £469 worth of value to you, you can ask for your money back and we will honour your request with no bad feelings. The only catch is, that if you ask for a refund of the consultation fee, we will be unlikely to be willing to accept instructions from you in the future.

How to book an initial consultation

To book an initial consultation with a specialist media lawyer, follow this link to our contact page or call us for free on 0800 612 7211. 

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