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Online reviews legal advice

Legal advice on fake or defamatory online reviews

Fake and defamatory online reviews are often extremely damaging to local and to national businesses. Negative online reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor, are rather harmful to small and local businesses, whilst fake reviews on GlassDoor tend to have a major adverse impact on larger businesses and on start-ups.

Spotting fake online reviews

Unmasking the identity of internet users who post fake reviews

Removing defamatory online reviews from review websites

Taking posters of fake online reviews to court

Spotting fake online reviews

It is often difficult to prove that an online review is in fact fake. The business owner might know that a review is fake but getting the proof that might be not as straight forward. Having assisted hundreds of clients in relation to thousands of fake and defamatory online reviews, it is often our job to spot the characteristics of a fake online review and then produce the proof needed to show that a particular online review is fake.

Unmasking the identity of internet users who post fake reviews

One of the firm’s specialities is the unmasking of publishers of fake online reviews. We go about using IP addresses, cross referenced email addresses, linked email accounts, linked websites and other investigative tools to enable our clients to unmask the true identification of whoever is behind a fake, defamatory online review.

Removing defamatory online reviews from review websites

Often, our clients’ ultimate goal is to facilitate the removal of fake and defamatory online reviews. Our lawyers have so far removed thousands of defamatory online reviews from review websites all over the world. We are able to use judicial tools and strategies to facilitate removal of defamatory online reviews even from review websites that are located in the United States.

Taking posters of fake online reviews to court

In many cases, it transpires that the authors of the defamatory or fake online reviews are people known to our clients. Most likely these are competitors, former employees or disgruntled customers. Whilst removing the fake reviews from the review websites is important, holding authors of fake online reviews to account is often as important for our clients.

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