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    Every situation is different so by far the best way to find out how to respond to a social media legal issue is to speak to those who are most likely to have dealt with a situation similar to yours.
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    Legal advice social media

    Legal advice social media

    Legal advice about social media from an expert social media lawyer

    Law Society Award for Excellence in Client Service

    Initial and emergency legal advice

    All of our lawyers have a high level of expertise in social media law. Internet law and social media is the only area of law that our lawyers practice. In fact, our entire law firm is dedicated to practising internet and social media law. Every lawyer who works here, has been fully trained by us to provide legal advice on social media law matters which means that our lawyers know this area of law inside-out.

    Law Society Award for Excellence in Client Service

    Our client's satisfaction rate is so high that we are able to offer a Money Back Guarantee on all the initial consultations that we deliver. Other lawyers might be very keen to carry out further legal work for you and as a result may offer you free legal advice as a teaser.

    As a winner of the Law Society Award for in Excellence in Client Service, we love working with our clients and taking on unique legal challenges on their behalf. Our very first aim is to arm you, as our trusting client with as much relevant experience-based information and knowledge as you are willing to receive and to help you resolve your internet law or social media issue as thoroughly and as cost effectively as possible.

    Initial and emergency legal advice

    We offer a substantial initial consultation with a specialist social media solicitor. During your legal consultation with us, you can expect the full advice. No holding any information back for later! Whether at the end of the consultation you decide to instruct us, to do things yourself or even to go elsewhere is absolutely fine with us. You have paid for the consultation and the information is completely yours to consider and put into practice immediately.

    Prior to the meeting, you can send us relevant information so that by the time we meet (in person, skype or phone) we will be familiar with it.

    During the meeting with our expert social media lawyers, we will listen to you carefully to make sure that we fully understand your circumstances and we will answer all your burning questions, work together to figure out solutions and plan together and work out the most effective strategy for your next move. 

    Following the meeting, your lawyer will send a you a letter, confirming the conversation, the advice and summarising all the different suggestions and strategies.

    Our internet lawyers have unparalleled knowledge, expertise and experience to handle complex social media and internet law related matters. From defamation, breaches of privacy, internet harassment, injunctions and domain name retrieval, to webpage removal techniques, SEO, social media, disclosure orders and reputation management strategies.

    There is a very good chance that we have already assisted clients just like you on internet law issues just like yours. Best of all, our offer of a money back guarantee, makes sure that you receive full value from the time you have invested in the consultation.

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