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    Training contract

    Training Contract Social Media

    Training Contract in social media and internet law

    This is an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and energetic prospective trainees and aspiring solicitors, who want to become specialists in social media and internet law.

    Why become a solicitor in internet and social media law

    Why train to become a solicitor with Cohen Davis

    Long-term prospects for trainees and aspiring solicitors

    Who should apply

    How to apply for a training contract or for a paralegal role

    What happens after you apply

    Why become a solicitor in internet and social media law

    As you may be aware, there isn’t a law school to train you in social media and internet law. We have therefore opened our Internet Law Academy for those aspiring lawyers who wish to train and become specialists in the fastest developing area of law in the world. We are currently looking for the right people to invest time in, to train and to offer mentorship and support, whilst working and developing their career with our niche law firm.

    There is so much to learn when it comes to internet law and helping our clients with any internet related legal issues, offers daily rewards and exciting strategic challenges.

    Why train to become a solicitor with Cohen Davis

    Cohen Davis Solicitors is an award winning, forward-thinking, niche law firm that has been involved in shaping a new area of law. We work with private and corporate clients from all over the world. We are part of a unique network of lawyers and attorneys from the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, with whom we cooperate regularly to shape internet law, to create new legal solutions that never existed before and to set a new standard for internet lawyers and attorneys in the UK, US and Canada.

    We are expanding fast and we are able to offer places for the right candidates all year round. If you are the right candidate, we want to invest in you and provide you with mentorship and training and to encourage you to maximise your strengths, so that you can grow, progress and enjoy your working life, the same way that we do.

    Long-term prospects for trainees and aspiring solicitors

    Internet law is the fastest growing area of law in the world. If you train with the number 1 internet law firm in the country, you will become exceptionally knowledgeable in your legal field within a few years. We want the right candidates to stay with our law firm in the long term and we want to see them grow as lawyers and as individuals and to hopefully become an integrated part of our great team and part of our future. We have a clear goal of expansion and we are ambitious, so it is important to get the right people to join us.

    Who should apply

    Preferably you will have a 2.1 degree (at least) in a variety of fields, preferably Law, English literature or History. An LPC or GDL qualification (we may consider offering LPC sponsorship to the right candidates)

    We will also be considering applicants for our Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme, and we will be publishing details of the required qualifications very shortly.

    You should be a good team player. Your ability to work collaboratively and effectively with others is of fundamental importance to training and working successfully with our law firm. You should have excellent interpersonal skills. Communication is key. You should have an ability to relate to and interact with others and to engender confidence.

    You should have an ability to simplify and to explain complex situations in a clear manner. You should be able to communicate clearly and effectively on paper, face-to-face and on the telephone. The ability to advise and negotiate with our clients is extremely important.

    You need to be ambitious, committed to the role, inquisitive, enthusiastic and intelligent.

    You must pay attention to detail and an excellent command of English with good grammar with a thorough, meticulous and accurate approach to your work.

    You must be honest with yourself and with others. Clients expect us to work to the highest moral standard with professional integrity and ethical code. Our clients include famous people who trust us implicitly. Client confidentiality and professionalism is paramount to safeguarding our and our clients' reputations. We, as a company value telling the truth and facing the truth.

    You must be able to travel to our Essex offices, where your training contract will be carried out. Our beautiful offices are located at Warlies Park in Upshire, Essex which is a lovely place to come and train every day.

    How to apply for a training contract or for a paralegal role

    To apply for a training contract or for a paralegal position with Cohen Davis, please send us an email:, enclosing your CV with a covering letter telling us about yourself and demonstrating your passion, suitability and any related work experience. Tell us why you think you are an ideal candidate to come and train with us.

    What happens after you apply

    If you are successful on passing the first stage of your application, we will invite you for an interview. After having a successful interview, we will invite you to come and meet with us and to discuss your new position. We will also ask you to partake in a short, written assessment. Successful candidates will be notified as soon as possible.

    Please remember that our recruitment process is ongoing and competition for places are in demand, so please ensure that you submit your application as soon as possible. We shall look forward to hearing from you.

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