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Mini GDPR Workshop

Our clients told us that every time they went on a GDPR seminar, they did so with the hope that they will get clarity on how exactly GDPR applied to their business. They were looking for straight answers, specific to their industry, so that they can comply with GDPR as much as they possibly can.

Instead, they said, the speaker just kept repeating the same old thing. There were hardly any direct answers and very few solutions to the specific issue they have encountered with their own business niche or industry.

To fix this for them, or at least to help them get answers to some of the most difficult GDPR questions, our GDPR team of lawyers have developed mini-workshops, some are general whilst others are industry and niche specific, where our clients can put their GDPR challenges to us and expect an answer in return.

You see, we are happy to give our clients the guidance they need. We are lawyers and it is our duty do to that. In our mini GDPR workshops there is no sitting on the fence or dodging a question.We tell you it as it is. Cohen Davis Solicitors’ mini GDPR workshops last between 1 to 2 days, depending on our clients’ needs. We also offer a 2 hours complimentary version, which you can book through our website.


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